Sometimes The “Asshole” Needs To Go In The Closet Until Necessary

i got an email tonight that rocked my entire world.

before i get into the email,
i want people to understand that i knew no knowledge of this beforehand.
this really just came out of nowhere.

let’s get into it…

she actually first interviewed me at my old job.
she wasn’t suppose to interview me at all actually.
she was the main influence in me getting the position.
i wowed her with my personality and thought i would be a great fit.
as i was working my way up the ladder,
she fell down in her position due to budget cuts and other politics.
every time i saw her,
we would catch up and we built a huge friendship in and out of work.
well, i got fired and she actually cried.
she was hurt they would do that to me.
she would check on me every week to see if i was okay.
she would always tell me in emails how it wasn’t fair.

after all these years working there, she got an increase in her position today.
she is now a manager of hr.
she sent me an email asking me for a favor.
the favor was me coming back and working in a new department.
someone called out and she instantly thought of me.
i don’t know where it will lead, but i told her i would.
she will see me friday morning.

ugh, i don’t know what ima wear.

it always pays to be a nice to people.
genuinely nice.
not that, “i want something nice“.
you never know who is watching and who will help you.
the person you think is at the bottom will always rise.
not everyone at the top stays there.

oh i didn’t mention my old boss got a decrease in his position too?
so i’ll definitely go in and wow her again.
let’s hope i get hired.


thank you god for this second chance.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

20 thoughts on “Sometimes The “Asshole” Needs To Go In The Closet Until Necessary”

  1. Congratulations, Jamari! This is great news. I’m so happy for you. Yes, it does always pay to be decent to people.

  2. *Cues Organ* ALRIGHT NOW!!!!…We Might have to have a praise Break in Here!!!!!…..*takes lap around post*

  3. This story made me feel really good. It DOES pay to be nice to people. You never know where someone will end up.

  4. Good for you Jamari! I told you that your blessings was coming! You already got the job! Claim it!

    *joins Good God in praise break, knock a couple of old ladies & babies*


  5. *gets the usher board to help restore order*

    Congrats baby boy! Hopefully it’ll go well & if you want to stay, they’ll bring you back…on your terms 😉

  6. thank you so much everyone.
    it has been a wild emotional ride since February losing my job,
    but like vain said, “life is coming back together…”

    i literally cried because you all don’t know the half of what i have been through.

    1. “Now we livin’ betta now, Gucci sweaters now” Lol

      Congrats! I just started a new job too. No more “Wish” sandwiches. Lol

      You’ll NEVER hear me complain about getting up and going to work.

  7. Jamari today has been a awesome day for me today, I got a call for a interview for this job that will really fit me, and now to come on here and see this makes me really smile, so glad for you bro, hopefully we will both be employed. So happy good fortune and opportunity has come your way again.

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