Sometimes The “Asshole” Needs To Go In The Closet Until Necessary

i got an email tonight that rocked my entire world.

before i get into the email,
i want people to understand that i knew no knowledge of this beforehand.
this really just came out of nowhere.

let’s get into it…

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When We Role Play… (30)

This is for EVERYONE.
Let’s try something new today.


You have been looking for a job for a while.
Your best friend of 5 years:

… hooked you up with a job at his start up company of 1 year.
He is the CEO and got you a good entry level position.
You started doing such a good job, that 6 months later, you got:

35,000 bonus + 50% raise
Car Service
Better title (just within the company)
Paid 2 week vacation

Word spread of how well you did in the company and it got to the ears of his rival company….

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So, Ummmmm, Where Do We Go From Here?

Sometimes I wonder what road to choose…

That was the thought going through my head last night.
I was in the studio, sitting on the couch, and watching an artist record.
I like what I am doing now because it is 100% with my career moves.
But… my money is so damn funny.

I know you all have been in this… tight spot.
You are put in a put in a position where you have to choose what may supply you with pleasure.
You can take one road that looks like it is going in a right direction.
It is what EVERYONE thinks you should do.

Then, you see the other road.
It is harder and has more bumps, but you know the outcome would probably be better.

So what do you do?
What do you choose?

When it comes to life:

Are you on the right path?

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I Was Your Lover and Your Secretary, Working Every Day of the Week…

First off: I want to thank EVERY person who left me love.
All your comments and all your emails.

It made me cry by all the love I was getting.
You came through for me
when I actually hit the floor and for that,
I am really appreciative.


I was getting comfortable.

I will admit that I was getting “stuck”.
“He” was my one and only and helped provide me with nice things.
I was there for him and always had his back.
I did my job to make sure things went smooth and to receive love.
Who would have known that he wouldn’t recognize that and throw me to the side for a new “bitch”.
I almost felt like how Angela Bassett did in Waiting To Exhale.




I feel you Angela.
I feel you. 

Yesterday felt surreal.
Now that I am in my right mind…

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