You Burned Bridges and Didn’t Realize You Had To Turn Around

burning-bridgesburning bridges is a big no no.
“the feet you step on today maybe the ass you kiss tomorrow.”
one of my favorites.
its one thing to burn a bridge with that idiot wolf with the good dick.
he is an idiot,
but you only keep him around because the sex is satisfying.
well there are plenty of idiot wolves with good dick everywhere so bye.
you may fall in and out of friendships/people in life,
but i always say end it with your hands clean.
all that clappin’ back is not needed.
your reputation is one thing that is hard to ( x clean up once tarnished ).
so you don’t want be the one who always burns bridges around you.
maintaining and keeping networks is the key to being successful in life.
who you know is truly what you know.
a brain and talent can only get you so far,
but a person who believes in you can actually make you a star.
there is definitely levels to this shit.
my old job made me think i burned a bridge with a good friend….

so i got my last job through a friend i had met in the industry at an event.
she was a manager at a temp agency.
i didn’t know that upon meeting her,
but she was cool and i’m not one to turn down an application for friendship.
well she revealed her job when i was sharing something personal about my life on a #sadderday.
i was blown away because she didn’t “look” like a manager.
she was this young vixen who was a complete mystery to me.
you never know know who does what by looking at them.
well she texted me about a one day gig randomly one night.
i went and they loved me.
it ultimately lead to me getting a steady temp gig with amazing pay.

63_418351well my boss decided the temp agency my friend worked at was too expensive.
he actually was really ignorant about it.
he found a new one and gave me a heavy ultimatum.
either find a new job or move with them.
i’m all about loyalty,
but this was my bread and butter that possibly (and did) could turn into more.
i was stuck,
but i ended up choosing the job over my people.
i know.
i know.
judge me.
me and friend did talk about it and she said to do it.
after that we gradually stopped talking.
it bothered me for a long time because i don’t like being put in positions like that.

13596415281306784831so fast forward to me being jobless again now.
looking and not finding anything.
deadline on ui looming.
still trying to keep positive and have that faith i never use to have.
i was talking to a friend last weekend about industry stuff and she mentioned the other friend.
come to find out,
she asked her about me two weeks ago.
she has a new job at another temp spot and was looking for people.
so boom,
i got her email and sent her a little something.
i didn’t hear anything back and thought i got my hopes up.
well she replied this morning.
she said:

“hey jamari!

i’m so glad we reconnected. i don’t want you to think i was upset about anything. totally wasn’t like that. i got really caught up in work, leaving my last job, getting married, and some personal issues so that’s why i haven’t been there. that company you worked for was bullshit and they were always giving me problems. they always spoke highly of you and your work ethic. that’s the reason they wanted to keep you in the first place. i’m sorry that it ended, but it was just in god’s way. how about we book something for next week so you can come in. catch up and see what i can help you with? what day is good for you?”

see thats love.
i’m relieved she replied.
it meant a lot to read that.
lets see what happens next.
it got me to thinking about burning bridges this morning.
now don’t get me wrong,
some bridges i have burned i didn’t plan on ever walking across again.
others i wish i would have handled differently.
i know a idiot wolf with good dick i def could use right about now.
ive learned to evaluate people who don’t need to be in my life anymore.
no matter what success they get,
or the blessings they come into,
their presence in my existence is over.
how i handle leaving them is the true story.
life has a way of making you see that bridge you burned,
the one you think you would never need again,
was the same one you had to walk back across to get to another level.
nothing worse that seeing you’re on a one man island alone with no connection off.
so when it comes to burning bridges…

How many have you regretted burning?

Author: jamari fox

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8 thoughts on “You Burned Bridges and Didn’t Realize You Had To Turn Around”

  1. Very few, but that was in my past as a youngin. I realize that you never know when you might need someone, so it is convenient to be nice to everyone you cross paths with.

    Hopefully this will be a new beginning for you Jamari. Good Luck.

    1. ^thank you man!
      i also agree with you 110%.
      you never know who is watch you.
      people don’t just come out and say it.
      sometimes they are so grateful for you just being there or helping them,
      they will bless you with something.

      success is based on bridges.

  2. Jamari you have a good soul. Karma is real…what goes around does come around and I’m praying your meeting with her will open some new career doors for you. Go get that job brother!

  3. i have a live let live policy, J you are free to go and come as you please but if you really touching my good nerve i will get the lighter fluid and burn the mudda f**king bridge sorry. God is my greatest strength he will bring the right ppl into my life when the time comes. But at the same time i try to be as diplomatic as possible.

  4. J, Im mad at you man, when I read that email ya girl sent you at work today, I turned into a big ole sissy, and tears started running down my eyes. Bro I was so happy for you cause I know this year has been one set back after another, one closed door, and one heartache too many. I am so glad my country uneducated grandmother taught me to always be nice to everyone whether they are the janitor or the CEO because you never know. I have burned a few bridges, but not many, so glad I can honestly say that I never tried to mess over anybody or take advantage of anyone, and God has granted me favor. A good vixen friend told me about the time, she was working on this job and this white boss was always harassing her, and how it was the old black janitor who she spoke to everyday because that was she had been taught to do by her parents who found a report that the boss threw away that helped her keep her job. Just a simple smile or hello has gotten me upgrades at places, better seats, more food, free drinks etc. Always be nice when you can. I hope this turns into a good opportunity to set you right for the upcoming year.
    P.S. This blog is on fire today, you stay bringing the heat, man its nice to come here and see quality content.

    1. ^thank you t!
      and thank you everyone!
      i’m very excited and just keeping positive about everything.
      i dont want to get too excited,
      but i want to remain in a positive happy place.

      keep me in yours prayers that all goes well next week!

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