Gay Thug Love: The Movie?

…. Um?


…. that red wife beater is killing me.
Reminds me of this:



Can we get a movie like D/L Chronicles that isn’t stereotypical???

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5 thoughts on “Gay Thug Love: The Movie?”

  1. I only saw a few episodes of DL chronicles online,,,,It seemed ok. Not as stereotypical as Noahs Arc…I wouldn’t mind a good Black gay show…Honestly tho, for me to get into it, it would have to be sexy…Good writing and actors matters, but it would have to have lots of gratuitist (sp) nudity. We don’t get much Black nudity…Damn I miss Oz 🙂

  2. Can we get a movie like D/L Chronicles that isn’t stereotypical???

    Ummm I don’t know if we can Jay, it seems that in order to make a script it has to be based off some stereotype. I mean there are so many in our lifestyle and environments. We stereotype often without even knowing it really. I do and its not on purpose we are just creatures of habit. I think that maybe a reality show on a network that shows the different sorta sides of the lifestyle might help but when you making a film like DL Chronicles and Noah’s Arc you have to base it off something otherwise the characters would be all that believable. Moreover these character that we see in the films are real, we talk about some of them. But each of ours stories differ slightly so we can never identify completely with a character but I think the idea is to come close.

  3. Hey saw the first movie and this is the sequel(Finding Me), the acting is horrible, but I actually enjoyed the story and the main character Fabian reminds me of an ex so Im going to give it a pass. I thought at least we would be able to get a E. Lynn Harris movie made, I think for the most part he showed a variety of characters, of course his plot lines still revolve heavily around females but hey you got to start somewhere. DL Chron was by far one of the best things Ive seen that represents us from many perspectives.

  4. this is from finding me… i honestly cant say nothing bad about it, cause there aren’t enough black gay films other than porn lol… so any that come out i just have to watch them..

  5. Lol at the thug being the gay rapper Bry’Nt!
    CTFU thug my ass he’s PRETTY!
    ^__^ he could GET IT!
    I sometimes talk to his cute ass on twitter…
    So this is the movie he speaks of? #lame
    Wonder if he still has the one nipple ring -__-
    Smh Hi Jamari!

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