Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (10)


If you were talking to a dude online for a few weeks,
he had no pictures up and was really private,
but you decided to take one for the team and meet him one afternoon…

and he looked like this…

…what would you do with him on the first meet?

and do you think he would be feelin’ you?

Honesty gets you 10 points.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Meet Up With A Faceless Stranger (10)”

  1. He looked good Jamari but I’m getting one of those sex siren vibes y’all b talkin about. I’d still flip flop with him though

  2. Not trynna be mean…Pleae understand…But ol boy looks a lil pretentious to me…He thinks he’s cuter than he is…I also get fem vibes, nuthin wrong with that but it’s not for me…I like masculine ‘foxes’ I can look at ol dude and tell he’s a friend of Dorothy…So I wouldn’t do nuthin with him…Great body tho…Ive really been slipping on my workout…Ive got to figure out how to let go of the stress and get back on track. Start buying my supplements again, stop worrying, and start living…Again…My new years rez…dont mind me…Im just thinking out loud while passing time…

    1. are you talkin to me?lol…Actually, I like manties. I have more underware than anything else. I’ve been known to change drawls throughout the day when it’s hot out. Nouthing like a crisp fresh pair of under gear. I luv boxer briefs, sheer boxer briefs, thongs under my slacks, I even have drawls that thrust ur manhood forward and show a print under ur pants. It’s so sexy to me…Silk, Satin, spandex boxer briefs that don’t bunch up. Drawlz are my fetish…I have hundreds of them…

  3. I actually met this dude when we lived in the same city. He’s a cool dude and not pretentious at all. A little fem but to each their own. He was new to the city and I showed him the ropes…..

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