“I Want To Be An Attentionisto When I Grow Up!”

the attentionistos/istas won’t like this one tho.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on ““I Want To Be An Attentionisto When I Grow Up!””

  1. I hate it when they post a thirsty picture and caption it “Good Morning! #sayitback”. Then a whole bunch of sheep actually say it. Lol they don’t even take the time to acknowledge them smh.

    Once they see they’ve got your attention they’ve gotten their fix.

    You need attention this damn early in the morning? It’s kind of pathetic. lol

  2. I’ve never really been into the social media outlets. I tried FB and Twitter for a few months and then walked away. I never got into the IG hype, but having friends that use it, I’ve seen a few things. IG seems to be the new place for hookups, for all sexual orientations. Who needs all the gay apps and websites, when you can just go to IG. Lol.

    Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t want my dude or future dude showing all the assets to the entire world, nor do I approach dudes who feel the need to expose everything. If everything is openly given to the world, then what aspect about you is solely for me. I need exclusivity when it comes to the assets of my dude. Lol.

    No offense to any of the IG attentionistos, but I just prefer my dude non-porn-like.

    1. ^ My sentiments exactly. I am also in the same situation. I used to have FB and twitter, and IG but i never used them. No one wants to see if I’m eating Roti lol, or anything else that I like to do for that matter LOL! What can I say, I dont care much for attention, so I deleted them all. I feel I might make a return to FB and Twitter though, more for professional reasons than anything.
      It would be a deal breaker if I was into a dude that was more into his selfie than the things going on around him, me being one of those things. Just a turnoff, and lame. I want his body to be mine, and mine alone when we’re together.

  3. I enjoy playing a game called, “but how do they pay the rent?” Almost nobody makes a living from modeling. Only a few more earn enough from “personal training” to make ends meet. They selling ass? dick? sugar daddy? sugar mama?

    1. Exactly.

      Call me judgmental, but if I don’t see at least one pic of you at some kind of workplace, but you’re showing off expensive shit you’ve bough I assume you’re an escort or a credit card scammer.

      People that have jobs and work hard for their money aren’t typically frivolous with. Sure, they treat themselves, but they’re making investments (i.e. houses and traveling), not going to the gucci store and having the audacity to take a pic in the store like they’re not used to anything.

      People with their own money that have taste don’t wear every expensive label known to man in one outfit either!

      1. I keep forgetting that credit card scamming is often the answer. I just always assume that they are whores. Maybe I just want them to be.

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