So Anxious; So Much Anxiety

the stirring of all your emotions like a tornado inside you.
you know what it feels like?…

it feels like standing in the line for one of the scariest roller coasters.
like this is a roller coaster you have wanted to ride for a minute.
you just didn’t realize how scary it looks in person.
as you get closer,
you start getting more nervous.
i mean you could turn around and go back,
but what will people think?
what will you think about yourself?

Sad-GIF_1well the anticipation is what makes your mind race.
it like when two freight trains collide.
the feeling of impact.
you feel like you want to throw up.
your hands are sweaty.
mind racing.
something is about to happen.
you can feel it.
you aren’t in control right now.
for just those few minutes,
it can feel like you are bracing yourself for impact.
the issue is you have riled yourself up for nothing.
its all in your head.
you created this feeling out of nothing at all.
the big monster that you think will bite you does not exist.
everything is enhanced until you calm down.
it’s fear mixed with excitement.
you control all the things that are happening within your mind.
as soon as the ride ends,
and how it felt like only two seconds,
its then you realize that it was only in your head.

that’s anxiety.
millions of us suffer from it.
it can start off small.
worrying here and there.
overtime it turns into something you can’t control.
something that takes over your life.
you have to brace yourself for new situations.
meeting new people can feel absolutely frightening.
its like you planned everything out before it happened.
when in reality no one cares.
you are making a big deal out of nothing.
it isn’t until you go through the ride,
that you realize that it was all just a figment of your imagination.
its over like a snap of the hand.
that is…
until the next time.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “So Anxious; So Much Anxiety”

  1. I used to go through this a lot when I would perform in front of a crowd at school when I younger. Now I get them when ever I’m getting ready for a hookup, between the fleeting and the car ride over to some wolf’s crib I’m a bundle of nerves praying I’m fully clean and thr dick won’t hurt too much lol

  2. We all have some form of anxiety that effect us differently. I had a tuff time back when I was younger as well doing things in front of people.

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