So Let Me Tell You About My Day…

tumblr_n6qgmrfx8j1sujpzlo1_500she was cute.
snow bunny.
she wanted to know all about my work background.
i told her enthusiastically everything about me.
she liked everything she saw on paper.
i just didn’t really feel the “connection” with her.
bad enough the receptionist was dry as well.
she told me she wanted her colleagues to meet me after.
i waited for 10 minutes and she comes back…

“omg so everyone is in meetings!
i’ll keep you posted!”

…and rushed my ass out.

asRk5wIi didn’t feel as hopeful with that one.
you could tell in your senses.
it’s like going on a date with a fine wolf and you know he won’t call again.
i left feeling a little blah.
the main thought going through my head was:

“I’m tired of this job shit…”

i texted the pretty vixen,
since her job was close,
and asked her if she wanted to meet for lunch.

“um hell yeah”

the perks of being an executive assistant?
when she met up with me,
she looked all nice and tanned.
her memorial day weekend was a good one.

“this weekend made me want to get my life together.
i don’t want to be doing this only on big weekends.
i want to be doing this all the time.”

don’t we all?
she could sense i was a little down.
she knows me all too well.
she told me:

“well you can stay at your job,
but you can’t complain.
you need to leave there because you know how it is.
this is the fear talking.”

we had a nice lunch and then i was off to the next interview.
she made me feel a lot better about the future.
the next one was at a recruiter that she referred me too.
well they loved me and my resume over at that spot.
like the last,
my interviewer wanted me to meet her colleague.
this time someone actually came in.
she was an older snow vixen who loved how i smelled.
she wanted to know what cologne i was wearing.

“prada amber”

“that smells lovely on you.”

we spent the next 3 minutes talking about scents.
the vixen i originally met with went right for my neck.
bold move.
they told me that i need to be in a creative field,
as well as making more money than i am.
they could look at me and tell i’m a creative.
they mostly do finance at that spot,
but they will keep their thinking caps on for me.
i left that one feeling more inspired.

as i was walking around,
i ran into old colleagues from my last job.
i was actually closer to that one.
they wanted me to come back to my old stomping grounds to visit.
i had nothing to do so i agreed.
the whole office looked different than i remembered.
they had flat screens and new high tech shit.
i haven’t been in there for 3 years now.
most of my old coworkers were gone,
but many were still there.
they were all in awe at how good i looked.
i was called all kind of “handsomes” and “always looking so stylish”.
one vixen asked:

“you walking around the city looking this fly?”

what she thought?

i was “jamari fox: 3.0” to them now.
i’m a whole different animal from when i was there.
they all said they missed me,
but the old job changed for the worst.
i can imagine.

i don’t know how this job interviews will end up,
but i have one more tomorrow.
after that,
i’ll work on my media kit so i can do what i really love.

the foxhole.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “So Let Me Tell You About My Day…

  1. 🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾🖐🏾
    👆🏾 this is me giving you a virtual hi five lol
    You came in those interviews with your game face on and it shows. Whatever happens from these interviews just know that you are taking control of your life and taking steps to a better future.

    Your old coworkers are seeing a Jamrai that’s going through the a war in a sense. I feel what they sense is some reflective maturity and your glow. Everyone see it shining but you, don’t be afraid to know know your’re the shit at times lol

    1. ^i need to stop that “nice guy/trying to be humble thing”

      although I did talk my shit in that first interview.
      i straight told that vixen my job can’t function when im gone because im good at what I do.
      she even looked at me like “wow!”.
      i felt the need to be honest at that moment.

  2. So proud of you. This is awesome. Keep that positive attitude and things will begin to work out.

  3. Man….good luck, and you sound like your head and attitude are all in the right place. Just remember what’s meant for you will welcome you with open arms. Here’s to brighter days Jamari!!!!🍷🍷🍷

  4. #TEAMPRADAAMBER YES! Thanks for mentioning that cologne! I really love it!

    Yes Jamari! Making those steps! Whatever happens, I’m proud of you bud! I hope you get the one that your friend referred you to. Are any of these interviews a follow-up to the lady that approached you about being an exec or something? *fingers crossed for Jamari*

  5. Sending positive vibes and air fives to you Jamari!! Glad today had some success and you was able to show the old folks who you become. It takes a lot to step out your comfort zone and really give it your all and kudos on the scent! Draw em in by any means

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