The New Mountain is To My Right

wanting to back out.
“maybe i should just stay…”
that is how i feel about this new mountain path…

i think the “going after something new” is making me anxious.
i’m trying to leave a place,
i’ve been at for 2 years+,
to start somewhere new.
it’s not like i’ll back out my job interviews today.
i’m just filled with:

Am I making a mistake?

i’m breaking free out my comfort zone.
the one i been wanting to leave.
you know what?
fuck it.
it’s time to leave that toxic environment for good.
i pray things work out for my next adventure.
wish me luck.

lowkey: bad enough the interviews are close to my current.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “The New Mountain is To My Right

  1. Go in an kill that interview J. You got this, it time to leave and I say this for my own situation, I wish I had an interview right about now to get away from my toxic hellhole. I am off today and I am going to to use the day to plot my next move. Sending you positive energy to knock this interview out the park. It will be satisfaction enough to see the look on their faces when you make your exit, especially Liar Liar and Workwolf LoL. They probably both think that you are going to be there forever.

  2. You got this Jamari, don’t turn back now. I’m rooting for you, I’m so happy your making a positive change in your life. I’m like Tajan I wish I had an interview to leave my miserable job.

  3. You got this Jamari! Sometimes nerves are a good sign that you’re doing the right thing and going in the right direction! Don’t run from it! Tackle it head on, do your best, and what will be will be! Let it happen! It’s time!
    We believe in you!

  4. Sometimes progress and achievements only happen when we step out of our comfort zone fox. I know you did a good job but still praying that you got it.

  5. No, I do not think you are making a mistake at all. You are not happy at that job and you want out, there is nothing wrong with that, especially since you have been through so much while being there.

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