I Want To Get Inside U Before U Get Deep Inside Me

tumblr_mbldq59SU21rd1um0o1_500what can you offer a man?
no seriously.
you say you want a man,
this great man,
but you don’t know anything besides what you see in porn.
what if he hit you up right now?
would you want to rip off his clothes?
or would you want to get to know whats underneath his fur?
i thought of something for the foxes at work today.
i couldn’t wait to get home and share it…

we don’t know how to be friends with wolves.
(hell each other for that matter)

e4ba0fb5_Nodno its true.
i know it sounds stupid,
but think about it…
when last did you actually get to know the last wolf you dealt with?
did you know anything about him?
what did he like to eat?
what was his favorite color?
are his parents alive?
what kind of music does he like?
what makes him sad?
what made him mad?
see where i’m going with this.

i bet we knew what made him cum.
how his balls smelled.
the color of the mushroom on the tip of his pipe.
what made him moan like a bitch.

index copyuh huh…
listen i am all about sex.
i love a good fuckin.
i can see sex in a tree blowing in the wind.
what i really like,
and want,
is friendship first.
i love to know i can hit him up during the day and say:

“my boss is such a fuckin’ moron”

…and we have a few laughs about it via text.
i am more than:

“send me a picture”

matter fact,
that actually disgusts me.
like i don’t want to send him a picture.
i don’t want to see any of his pictures either.
if i want to see his pipe,
he needs to come over my crib and show me in person.
i get off to seeing it in my face rather than a 640×1136 rectangle.
i want to know more about the person that is he.
i also want him to know more about me.

i like good tv and make no apologies for it
i take two showers a day even if i’m tired
ghost scary movies scare the fuck outta me
i am usually late when i try my hardest to be early
some days i don’t want to bothered and people get so offended by that

see the problem is we don’t talk to these wolves enough.
we just get straight to the point.
maybe i don’t want to get straight to the point yet.
maybe i want to see if we are compatible before we smash.
are we so use to fuckin’ wolves and never hearing from them again?
or after we fuck,
realize that he definitely wasn’t the one for us in the first place?
is that bad to want more?
am i blacklisting myself from all wolves because of that?
tumblr_mlha0qpVho1qbtzbno1_500i didn’t think getting to know someone was too much these days.
even though wolves can talk a good game,
nothing is better than the game of getting to know him.
his flaws and all.
the nitty gritty.
“from the top of his head down to his crusty ass toe nails.”









…and then we’ll fuck.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “I Want To Get Inside U Before U Get Deep Inside Me”

    1. ^thanks malcom!
      i just want more than:

      “send a picture”

      like pineapple why don’t you send ya bank card number then.
      i’d actually want to see that since we sharing lol

  1. I love this. This is true and this is why when I meet dudes and they so quick to tell me come over to chill I get annoyed. Lets go for a walk, dinner, bar, bowling, lets do something social other than sitting on the couch and you tryna sexual touch me on the first night. This day and age its all just physical. Wheres the mental part at? Then everything becomes a big misunderstanding and miscommunication because theres not mental connection or getting to know someone except how to make them cum.

  2. That what I been saying. Sex is nice when it not overused, but watching movies or baking chocolate chip cookies is better. Or laying on the bed with heads side by side while looking up at the ceiling and talking about hopes & dreams to accomplish. The simple things is what really makes it worth it and memorable, and of course doing bad ass shit is unforgettable. That what I want, but everything is about SEX, SEX, SEX. It cute for what it is, but it does get boring and lose it meaning after a while.

  3. So right. I love for us to be in a room of people and just look at each other, and know what the other is thinking. A relationship is about knowing one another besides sexually.

  4. This is what I want as well, I want to be someone one my wolf actually likes and vice versa. I would love to take the current wolf to my favorite resturant or even better my fave clothing store just so he can know what I like. Sigh ………………daydreaming

  5. I think I have said this before, but people do what you will allow. I’m not the type of Wolf who is all about sex, but I know many who are. The longer you hold out on the sex and really get to know us, the more you will learn and that’s the way it should be. I always tell people to never sleep with someone they really like until around the 3 month period. I live by this as well.

    1. I see where you guys are coming from about wanting to get to know a wolf and it being more than just the physical but Honestly speaking regardless of what you do or don’t do our intentions will always be the same. It’s really out of your control, whether I want to share more about my life or not. You could do what Man jus said but that would only make you madder because I would recognize your holding out and fuck people on the side and then play ball for the 3 months and then stop talking to you after I get the goods. You knowing where I live, what I like and etc doesn’t help or stop me from my objective. You best bet is to make it so I never forget you. Whichever way yu do that I don’t know but stand out with something bold.

      1. That’s the thing nerd. You don’t tell the dude you are waiting for three months. Who is dumb enough to do that? That’s how you get egg on your face lol. Waiting is going to allow one to see if the person sincerely has an interest in them or not. A sincere man is going to wait, despite the fact he doesn’t know when it might happen. If I really like a Fox, I don’t care how long the wait is, I’m going to be there. If a man just wants sex, and he’s rejected for a like two months, he’s going to stop chasing and move on. The texts, calls, and the visits will end.

        I don’t give the dick to anyone, especially since I know that’s what they want. A lot of people, women and Foxes only want me because I’m attractive and I’m tired of that. Yea, you Foxes are thirsty as well, I ain’t scared to say it lol.

  6. It jus so many dudes out there and having morals and respect isn’t a bad thing at all. But I believe a smart fox knows how to blend in with everything that a wolf desires. Don’t let your confined mindset blind your clear vision.

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