Get Up In That Ass (Funk)

ribbed-blue-washclothyou see ^that?
well if you aren’t familiar with it,
it’s called a “wash cloth”.
it is the key factor in this thing called “washing ya ass”.
“washing ya ass” is a huge problem amongst many people in the world today.
no one wants to meet you,
get you naked,
and smell “eau de naturel pineapple funk”.
you want to know something else surprising

people think only washing your body with soap means you are clean.

you need these:
416 face towelslathered up to the heavens to really get rid of the dirt on your body.
only washing your body with soap,
or worse: liquid soap,
only adds a slight layer over your fur.
yesterday’s entry about the shit in the booty crack disturbed me to the core.

GunnShudderin this life,
you always need to be clean.
after the gym,
or practicing on a field,
is especially important to put “wash cloth to ass” as well.
how people are fabulously funky in 2014 is beyond me.

i like to lather my body up with soap,
then wipe myself down with the wash cloth.
i repeat one more time with extra lather.
make sure to get behind ya ears,
between ya thighs,
and under ya balls.
so go and get a wash cloth and take a shower with it tonight.
a white one.
after you are done,
just look at how much dirt is on it.
you’ll probably bathe 3 times a day from now on.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Get Up In That Ass (Funk)”

  1. The best secret is to use both a dar of soap and a body wash and as many have stated use a wash cloth. Clean that ass daily if need be do it twice!

  2. I thank god my rents taught me at a young age how to clean and groom myself. I get very surprised at people who don’t know better.

  3. Mama always said never use a white wash cloth lol. I can’t…no lol. We don’t even buy those colors. That’s like an always commercial using red liquid lol. Well no one should be stinky when they are about to have sex. You are supposed to shower before and after sex. I keep stressing that all the time. I’m just tired of it at this point. People should learn by now. Now I’m not going to lie, I shower once a day, but I take 20 min plus showers and use a lot of soap, and I lather up twice as well. If I have a busy day where I’m out everywhere, I’ll take one at night. Most of the time I’m inside my room tho. I don’t go to the cafe, I don’t go to the gym, I don’t leave campus, I don’t hang out with friends anymore. About 95 percent of the time I’m closed up in this apt with my roommates studying lol. Yea..that’s my life now.

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