They Hate Me! They Really Really Hate Me!

tumblr_mh9wzhKTpm1r1br1uo1_500i saw the following on tumblr and i had to post this.

tumblr_mmrct93sYk1qa1a2ko1_500 tumblr_mmrct93sYk1qa1a2ko2_500 tumblr_mmrct93sYk1qa1a2ko3_500who else has gone through this?
don’t front.
i won’t even lie,
i’ve had those moments before.
they are the worst,
aren’t they?
especially when you walk in a room and everyone stares at you.
i use to hate being late for class.
as soon as you walk in,
like excuse me?
can i have my face back?
omg remember when we had to read something out loud?
worst: walk up to the front of the class and do a presentation?
i think i’ve had them the most when i was feeling my most self-absorbed.
i often wondered what makes us jump to these conclusions?
we don’t even know what they are laughing at,
but we assume they are laughing at us.
why tho?
well i know some people are assholes.
we start mentally picking ourselves apart until there is nothing left.
i started to wonder about assuming the worst when it comes to “us”.
people are not always going to nice.
some maybe intimidated by your presence.
others may be ruthless and malicious.
why does it happen to the best of us?
is it natural?
or are we really just insecure as hell?
i had to ask…

Why do we care so much?

lowkey: i always admired people who gave no fucks what other people thought.
i always wondered what got them to that point?


10 thoughts on “They Hate Me! They Really Really Hate Me!

  1. I think that we all want to commit to this perfect image and seeking validation from others to accept but we are only human, we all make mistakes, most people who laugh at you and are malicious had worst problem and more skeletons in their closet than you do. its about being comfortable in your own and no letting others drag you down, because you only have one life to live. People talk about people and laugh at people everyday, while the devil is at work trying to put you down, you should always consider where they are and where you stand which is above all the nonsense. Hate, is a strong word; they can only hate you if you allow for them to hate you, I’m learning myself that you shouldn’t care what others have to say, you have to think positive and throw away all of the negativity that comes along your way because you create your own security with yourself and if you allow for others to steal that away from you they will become victorious.

  2. Yea, it’s hard talking to them. Some can’t even look at you lol. Most of them are cool, but they have to be told they are.

  3. I think we all have at least a little bit of that emotion in us no matter who we are. I used to be that person heavy in the cartoon, but that was when I was a freshman in high school. I was ready to check and go off on somebody quick if they fucked with me (9 times out of 10 they didn’t). I either got labeled stuck up or conceited because I was just quiet and shy. I would avoid walking in front a huge group at all cost. *here comes the memorizes* lol

    I think everyone cares at least a little about what others think of them. If not then people wouldn’t be going out getting haircuts, buying new clothes, etc. People waste too much time trying to impress people that in actuality really don’t care. In college is where people become less socially awkward and really begin to find themselves and their voice, and starts to become less worried about what others think of them. The nobodies become somebodies, etc. etc. Time and experiences also play an important factor in that. You shouldn’t be 30+ years old still caring what other people think about you. Fuck that…. You can’t live for everyone else…

    1. Aww Tyson was shy and quiet lol. Ugh, I can’t stand shy and quiet dudes, only cause they are hard to talk to. A while back my sociology teacher told me shyness is just being afraid of what people will think of you. Think about it.

      1. Well Man…my sociology professor told me the same thing. It really is hard talking to shy and quiet dudes because its like pulling teeth to try and get a conversation. It just takes time for them to open up. Some are actually the coolest and nicest people you’ll me. I’ve learned that they are the type of person to just sit back and observe everyone’s behavior for a while before they put themselves our there (at least that’s how I am lowkey)….lol

      2. ea, it’s hard talking to them. Some can’t even look at you lol. Most of them are cool, but they have to be told they are.

  4. I fell out at that cartoon. Ol girl was losing it, damn. Do people really think like this? It’s not that serious. No one I know better not act like that. People just over think shit, that’s the issue. Sure I have walked by and heard people laughing and thought they were laughing at me, but we all have. I’m not insecure at all tho. I take the necessary steps to make sure I’ll be accepted by others, and those steps are what comes natural to me, so I really don’t have to do extra shit. Don’t be fooled, looking good doesn’t have much to do with it either. I know ugly people who make out well in the world. Looks play a small role, it’s how you carry yourself. You have to be confident, social, and have a nice personality to make it and fit in. That will lead you to having many friends, and being secure with yourself if you already aren’t. Now there are some people out there who are insecure and socially awkward because they are gay. Here’s the thing though, your straight friends aren’t concerned with what you like, well depending who they are, but as long as you don’t come at them you are good. Believe it or not, but most popular people are the ones who gay, not the loners and the awkward ones. I know athletes and ladies men who get down. An old friend of mine who was on the football team got caught in bed with a boy by his mother. YIKES LMAO… I never knew he was like that. Another example would be one of my college roommates. Him and I were sitting on my bed talking about a female he was trying to talk to, and he was using my phone to talk to her. My screensaver is a pic of my face, and he turned to me and said you have a really nice smile. I said I know, and we laughed it off lol. I took it as a compliment, but I said to myself he will fuck me if I let him lol. The point is, the popular people go through the same shit the loners and awkward ones do, it just doesn’t show. They are insecure about their looks, they are gay, and they lack confidence at times. You just have to life you life and care less about what others think.


  5. It’s a case of low self esteem and inner critic pleasing.

    Nobody can really hate you more than you can hate yourself.
    The inner critic can be the loudest.
    Any hint on the outside, from people or situations, fuels the critic, gives it power.
    Random people and events gives your critic confirmation.

    It’s like having an inner K. Michelle constantly barraging you with trivia and insults; being paranoid, loud, and attention seeking.

    That’s why people are apt to remember the one nasty comment in a night full of compliments. The critic has been saying the same thing all day.

    It’s also explains how people project stories they tell about themselves.

    You will meet what you believe about yourself everywhere you go. Change your stories. Silence the critic.

    You get what you concentrate upon.

  6. Yeah. I have felt like this at times. I remember when I was younger and would walk past a large group of people (mainly black) and I would get very tense and nervous and start walking funny (like too fast or making extra steps) because I felt like they were all staring at me when I walked by (mainly because my fear of being questioned if I liked guys or girls).

    Alot of the times they weren’t even stuntin me but looking straight past me but in my mind I felt that they were judging and laughing at me because I was insecure with myself at the time.

    I still struggle with walking past large groups of people but its alot better.

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