lee daniels has a few words for mo’nique

speaking of mo’nique,
you saw what she said about lee daniels in the last entry:

“you shut up.”

it was the response from a recent interview.
he sat down with raquel harper for “raq rants” yesterday.
this is what he had to say about the mo’nique situation…

starts: @10:10

he gave mo an award?
did he buy it?

this story just won’t die,
will it?
it’s like a roach.
you kill it and it pops up somewhere else.
i’m honestly over it.
i think everyone is pretty much over it.
and in my head,
i think they’re all involved in the downfall of “mo’nique”,
including mo’nique.
i hope they can all find the closure they desperately need.

lowkey: i’m glad lee is paying dame what he owe.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “lee daniels has a few words for mo’nique”

  1. Wait. Didn’t it just come out that Dash had given Daniel’s $2 million? Why is Daniels still perpetrating the lie that all he could pay Mo was $50k when he was sitting on $2 mil? They all need to stop.

      1. i thought they reached a settlement where Lee agreed to donate to Sean’s charity? Because Lee eventually retracted his comments about the abuse

  2. Been ova and done w/ this mess…but on another irritating note, Raquel has her own show? *blank stare* ugh…I can’t stand that annoying ass being and they jus bound determined to force her down our throats…well, I’m coughin’ that shit up!

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