nicki minaj should be thrilled this new single leaked for review

so this new era of “queen” nicki minaj isn’t going too well.
even though i loved the last two singles,
the majority of ya’ll aren’t with it.
i don’t even know where they’re charting at this point.
so nicki’s newest single/video got allegedly leaked somehow.
it’s called “ganja burn” and well…

eta: it keeps getting snatched down foxhole

“bury the bardi?”
did i hear that correctly?
she should be glad it got leaked because:

wtf was that as a single choice?
that has “filler” written all over it.
the type of song that comes on at the end of the album.
who is on nicki’s team these days?
they need to get into the war room and do an all nighter.
she needs an entire “era” revamp.
nicki has been off her game since cardi came on the scene.
i know it must have stung to see this:

i’m not even a fan of cardi,
but sheesh almighty.
i don’t want to say nicki is done,
but she needs a lot of help.

lowkey: where the hell is “mixtape nicki”?

“bomb ass bitch” nicki?

i’m confused as it seems she is nowadays.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “nicki minaj should be thrilled this new single leaked for review”

  1. Maybe Safaree was more involved then the barbs want to admit. I wasnt a stan but I would like some her tracks. Now. Trash, trash, and more trash. Haven’t like none of her own tracks. Since all the singles dropped starting last year.

  2. Why can’t they both exist? I challenged myself to think about that. Like why is it one or the other? We have so many male rappers but female rap when only can have one. Their rap style not the same. Also, nicki singles are never all that good. But her album always do well. Cardi might become the rih of hip hop and nicki the bey. Who knows ? This is still cardi 1st album.

  3. It’s simple, she’s run her course. I think she’s gotten to the point where despite whatever she releases (good or bad), the general public are just bored of her. It happens to the best of artists, it’s normal. Her fans will always be there for her though (so I hope).

    It’s odd because drake has been around for as long as nicki but he keeps getting number 1 singles.. something which he couldn’t achieve when he first started his career. So even though his album received mixed reviews, it’s predicted to do 950k on first week. Meanwhile nicki is struggling to get a bit that sticks.

    Btw she said “Bury the body” not “bardi”. I like nicki for the most part but hopefully this humbles her. She’s had this obnoxious aura for so long that it’s gotten to the point where people are collectively celebrating her demise. She’s just jumping on every feature of every new popping artist to stay afloat and she better thank her connections for that because quiet as kept, it’s those features that keep her afloat for so long.

    Cardi isn’t going anywhere and is clearly keeping onika on her toes.

    Also, I like ganja Burn. Lyrically and melodically. Deffo something I could vibe to. I don’t care for Chun Li or Barbie Tingz that much. Chun Li kinda grew on me but I can only listen when I’m in a certain mood. Her other singles are meh, “Rich sex” is cute I guess. But they were all growers. “Bed” with Ariana Grande was cute at first but I’m bored already.

    So I prefer this song over all of the others.

  4. Nikki has ran her course as seen fit. She has served her purposes for the bridge of the colorism gap. There was post I did on here eons ago that said something like this would happen…They keep getting lighter and farther away from melanin as time goes on. The next chart topping new queen of rap will end up being a white woman named Rebecca but you will address her as Becca B…The Baddest Bitch.

    Cardi cannot rap, she is being helped to be put on this high platform to overshadow Nikki. I’ve actually listened to her songs and oh boy…..smh. This whole time I’m thinking about …wtf I she talking about?

    I said let me go listen to an old song and see something..Okay..Queen Latifah…old song. U.N.I.T.Y. okay Im reaching far for with this one I found…I get what she’s saying tho..

    Back to Cardi…wtf is she talking about? I want to know how she just popped up & became this big thing with literally no prior experience behind her. They are pushing the narrative heavily.

    I like how times have changed from having to work hard and actually have talent to show a titty, act siddity and pose pretty.

    This may be music but it’s still apart of the Entertainment industry and people love to be entertained with drama.

    Nikka sounds a lot like…ummmm Foxy Brown….and I think Foxy is cool so I can deal with Nikki in small doses…this Cardi girl though…Had to cut that music off immediately.

    Folks be scared to say they don’t like or think a certain “entertainer” is trash cause they don’t want to be attacked by the fans. I be like Fawk them fans..cause I be waiting on one of them to get snappy with me. I’d box that a** across the field so quick for coming at me sideways cause I don’t agree with their tastes.

    I’m just playing…(sorta)…

    Anyways, let things run its course. I just sit back and watch these days (or read this blog) since I’m not a fan of TV.

  5. Nicki hasn’t evolved. Period!

    She was actually going in what I thought was a good direction a few years ago. She dropped the crazy wigs and excessive bundles and was rocking her natural hair and a more natural look. Then she went haywire.

    Quiet as its kept. None of her past albums have been very good or cohesive and she still hasn’t made a classic solo song. That’s unacceptable 3-4 albums into her career. That’s the prime reason I don’t think Safaree affected her success one way or another.

    She’s being pampered by a bunch of yes men over at Young Money that are going to drop her ass when her popularity hits rock bottom.

    How are you going to let a pregnant chick that can’t even perform right now get a number one single and you’ve been in the game 10 years and have worked with EVERYBODY?

    When she released that stale ass song with Ariana Grande I knew she was out of touch and over…

    Chun Li charted the highest so that should’ve told her what direction her music needs to go in.

    That song was also a missed opportunity for her to put new female rappers on the remix and give her a decent chance at a top 5 hit as well as dispel the idea she’s a spotlight hogging bitch.

    She failed.

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And love the Beam Me Up Scotty shout out Jamari it’s my favorite song of hers, reminds me of college.

  6. Nicki had her moment in the spotlight. She’s peaked. It’s on to the next “sensation” and sadly Cardi B is that artist…for now.
    I think more than anything Love & Hip hop helped her. Don’t know how (that debut song of hers was whack as fuck) but the hood rats, and non-hood rats, took to that song like it was the best thing they ever heard. Lol

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