so broderick hunter is the subject to another gay witch hunt

broderick hunter is pretty harmless.
he is also a friend to the foxhole.
he has showed love for my entries on him.
i enjoy his twitter feed,
but he truly minds his business.
from what i’ve seen and known,
he identifies as a “straight”.
if he was gay,
i’d definitely get some of that meat.
i saw this tweet tho challenging that theory this afternoon…

and then all this happened:

i mean,
i’ve seen him use “gay lingo” on his twitter,
but i’ve never assumed he was gay because of that.
when straight males started using “shade” and “tea”,
i knew times were changing.
broderick decided to respond shortly after:

he has a valid point.
some gays need to stop doing that.
it doesn’t allow us to have any alliances with straights.
from what i’ve seen,
some gays actually start most gay rumors.
there are males i meet that i assume are gay,
but i just go along with it.
when they’re ready to tell me,
they will.
it’s sad because broderick is very non-problematic.
they don’t try to pull the obvious homophobes out the closet,
after all the countless sketchiness and disrespect,
but they do with a random male model minding his business.
one who is actually very accepting and supportive of us.

makes sense.
/drops sarcasm

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “so broderick hunter is the subject to another gay witch hunt”

  1. He is friends with Jussie Smollett and whenever he posts a pic with him,people start with the gay comments.Also he did a short video/photoshoot for with Bruce Weber for CR Fashion Book where he played Jussie’s love interest and they hold hands.

    He can’t win if he is gay friendly,has gay friends or support gay rights then some people will say he is gay.If he is not gay friendly or doesn’t reply to gay fans then people will say he’s a homophobe.

    1. He shouldn’t do CR fashion book playing a gay love interest to Jussie Smollett. they should give that role to a openly gay model then. This why gay rumors spread a real str8 men will not do gay phoneshoots. Y’all gay dudes want a fantasy. Really he not fucking hot there are gay black men look way better.

  2. Then we don’t get why some straights would prefer to have nothing to do with us. We certainly need to do better.

  3. It’s obvious he’s likely one of the nicest dudes you’ll ever meet.

    It’s way easier for straight men to just treat gay men like shit and not engage them at all. Most gay men are so damaged they can’t handle an attractive but completely straight man being cordial with them without thinking they can try them or deem them gay in a weaponized way.

    It’s just way more beneficial to them to only interact with women and straight men and keep gay men at a distance🤷🏾‍♂️

    Why should he risk having women he wants to date suspecting he’s gay or DL messing with these messy queens?

    1. This right here-Nothing but FACTS. So sick of Gay dudes and their shit, it is so many of us in the gay community who do foul shit to each other but complain about str8 people doing things to us. I see dudes everyday who make me say Damn he looks good, but they will never know it, in the age of social media with so many dudes showing their bodies many gay dudes are now believing all men are game until they get popped in the mouth, then its gay bashing. I just wish people both gay and str8 would just stay in their lane.
      OAN never picked up a gay vibe from Broderick, seems like he is a Kool Dude, but I guess if he looked like Biggie Smalls he would not have this problem with shallow ass gay men.

    2. I agree with you Jay. Broderick has always seemed nice, and you have never heard anything bad about him either. Many gay men are so used to homophobia, and as a result they believe any man that treats them with any decency has to be suspect. It is like a double edged sword. Then when you speak up and tell them how wrong they are, they think you are taking up for straight men.

  4. Gay men only start rumors about straight men they deem attractive. Its nauseating. Even if there was truth to this rumor, how does it benefit you? How does dragging someone out of the closet add to your life? Black gay men are so miserable that we always want to drag others into this empty, lonely, self-hating lifestyle.

  5. Like every male is not gay just because they are attractive. Again, every male can not gay because they are attractive. And it 2018 people can say what they want . “Sis” still cracks me up when anyone uses it .

    1. @BxTony – “who has the time to care about this shit?”

      1. messy gay black men with poor credit scores and too much access to social media.
      2. the black “woke” fake conscious community who believes there is an ongoing gay agenda to turn little black boys gay.
      3. a subsection of good (but otherwise misguided) heterosexual black females who have unfortunately bought into the fear mongering with a little help from Jesus and their ole school grandmothers who raised them.

  6. The main ones with so much to say probably want to bed him so they need to stop with the fake outrage over this. I swear adults should have summer reading assignments!

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