50 cent,
my cancerian brother in Christ,
is one of the pettiest cancers that i know.
he has done and said some problematic things in his past,
but i’m impressed how he’s handling monique’s situation.
you know he doesn’t gaf and is coming to her defense.
he is demanding oprah and tyler perry apologize to her…


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he is standing up to oprah.
holy smokes.
say what you want about 50,
but i’ll always respect when people do this.

I do it.

cancers are fighters.
we aren’t scared to defend someone who may have been done wrong.
you know how many people i’ve stood up for?
50 has the power (pun intended?) to cast her in one of his shows.
i think it would be a good look for mo to play a drug queen pin.
imagine her going at it with kanan’s mother on “raising kanan“.

that might make for some good television.

Who knew 50,
of all people,
would be the one to help revitalize her career?

i’m interested to see how this will work out.

 i love my cancerian sister,
is getting her life working with him too.
she always speaks highly of him and he def respects her.


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 the thing with cancers is we can be good and loyal people.
we usually don’t mean harm to anyone.
some folks do take our kindness for weakness and that’s when…

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  1. Yeah I’m skeptical about anything 50 does. His level of pettiness is revolting most of the time. Like he is the definition of bitchassnes. We shall see if he will really play captain save a hoe with Monique or if this is just another one of his petty games for attention.

    LaLa can’t act no matter how beautiful and voluptuous she is. Good luck to her! I love that she and Kelly are still close friends.

    1. All of this. Jamari you know damn well that if 50 wasn’t a cancer you eould find him as childish and revolting as everyone else.

      And Oprah, nor TP give any fuks about anything manchild 50 has to say.

      The one, ONE good thing I can say about 50 is that he is casting Monique in something.

  2. He needs to do right by Teairra Mari, first. She doesn’t have the money and yet SHE is paying HIM for leaking HER nudes!

  3. He’s been producing shows for several years I’m curious why he waited all this time to “put her back on”? As others have said I doubt Oprah gives AF about 50.

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