Pac – a few stints in jail
Remy Ma – 6 years in jail
Lil Kim – 1 year in jail
DMX – 90 days in jail
Martha Stewart – 5 months
Lori Loughlin – 2 months

these are a random array of celebs who have spent time in jail.
they all did their time and moved on.
you didn’t hear a peep from them while they were in jail.
some came out of jail and became bigger stars.
jussie smollett,
who was sentenced to 150 days,
has been making a ton of peeps since he started serving his sentence.
his family has “#freejussie” on all their socials.
taraji p. henson has even compared him to emmett till:


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emmett till.
a little boy who was dragged out of his home,
tortured for hours,
and dumped in a river while being chained to a heavy metal object.

he is even said the judge put him in jail ( x because he is black ).
so the problem i’m having with jussie isn’t the sentencing.
it’s really…

He has come off so insufferable that it’s hard to root for him.

he is a celebrity who isn’t even gen pop with the regulars.
he is getting the “celeb” jail experience,
unlike others.
he would have gotten out with good behavior in like 2 months.
the latest is his fears he is gonna catch covid and be killed per tmz:

we are gonna hear about jussie from now until his release.
the jussie smollett saga is going into round 3.

lowkey: why do i feel if this saga involved a regula degula,
there would be no outrage?

article cc: tmz


  1. Ya’ll boy is a compulsive liar and a narcissist.

    To those that feel like the justice system was biased, I disagree. Originally, he was going to pay a fine and walk away with documents sealed like a lot of celebrities black and white.

    The city of Chicago just wasn’t going to let him get off that easily.

    I just keep thinking of how devious you have to be to come up with this hoax at the perfect time when tension was so high in this country. How bold you have to be to do multiple interviews about. How twisted you have to be to have to be to have all your famous friends and politicians standing with you knowing you’re lying.

    He’ll never own the truth despite all this and that’s what makes him a very scary person I don’t have the desire to defend.

  2. As someone who worked in criminal justice and for the courts for over a decade, I can tell you that Jussie sentence is bullshit and was done to send a message. I dont know what happened in his case and at this point I really dont care but this sentence is way harsher than folks who have done some heinous crimes that caused people great harm. He is right to claim prejudice with this sentence because once again the disparity in sentencing for him as a Black person and similar Caucasian with his prior record and income would be vastly different. No matter how you may personally feel about him or this situation there are sentencing guidelines set forth and this type of crime for a first offender would be probation, but the judge has the power to change this of course but they rarely do so I know this is more politics than anything. This crime does not fit the time especially since he has been ordered to pay restitution. Im upset about this not because of Jussie but because it just further shows that the system will make scapegoats out of Blacks, or still be unfair. Apply Justice equally.

  3. Wait, he feels threatened and he only has less than 150 days left. Its not like its 150 months. Half the people in Cook County may have been an extra on Empire or knew somebody who was on it. He is fine but if he go in and start acting like a bitch, them young niggas gon treat him like one. Cook County is not a maximum security prison. All those other celebrities went to a maximum security prison or at least Federal. They were fine. He is in county jail where he did a tv show with some of their family in it. He was in some of their neighborhoods. They will not harm him. They know he has connections and most of them don’t want to get transferred to a Maximum Security Prison for doing anything to him. Cook County is only holding people who doing less than a year for minor crimes. That’s why its filled with majority people who have traffic violations that couldn’t get bonded out. He is fine. He keep putting in the media what they doing, he forget they have internet in jail now. Then they will try to shut his mouth up. Do yo time, stay to yo self, and shut up. This is March, by the time August get here, you will be ready to come home. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody offer him some ass just to say they got some dick from Jussie.

  4. I wonder how this will fare for the release of B Boy Blues?

    As much as people claim to think he lied and hate him, people love mess.

    And Jussie will not go quietly. This could get more seats when he’s released and the film comes out.

    1. At this point, Hollywood done with him. He can’t even get an interview. He will have to sit on it until he gets out or let another director put their name on it and give him a Producing credit so he can still get paid but if he lets his name stay on it, it will never come out. He has to let somebody else put it out. They don’t have to reshoot anything, just let somebody else put it out like how Tyler Perry did for Peeples with Kerry Washington. The movie only had Tyler Perry name on it. Like Precious too, Tyler and Oprah had nothing to do with the movie, they helped it get out. Jussie would have to ask if his ex husband could do it, Patrick Ian-Polk. He got a good name with P Valley. Plus he did the movie with Jussie in it.

  5. By saying he has a compromised immune system, is that his lawyer’s way of saying he’s poz? 🤔

    1. I was just about to comment on that. They are either so arrogant and full of shit they are literally throwing anything at the wall hoping it sticks or they are so desperate that they are willing to give up his personal tea to get him out. He has the money to waste on this legal team doing the most then let him waste his money. Clearly he ain’t gone let shit until he’s broke and destitute realizes just how much he fucked up. God bless the imbecile!

    2. Look I have a “compromised immune system” and MY JOB puts me at risk of contracting COVID-19 every single flight, hotel stay, and commute. It’s been 2+ years of risk and I’m just fine. He’ll live. I wonder if this is also indicative of him not being vaccinated or boosted. That’s an entirely different conversation to unbox. Now if his lawyer wanted to have a genuine leg to stand on he should have referenced the potential dangers of jail time in reference to his sexual orientation. But I’m not currently pursuing a law degree. I’m just a regular uninformed citizen. Lol.

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