there is a new #couplesgoals to hit the social streets.
after i saw all of this,

i had to ask myself:

How are males who have been in jail supposed to date?
Who are males who have been in jail supposed to date?

i like the jail bawdy without the jail.

i feel like with many,
water does seek its own level.
there are some who actually turn their whole lives around.
^that couple is going by “the maynors” on thand…


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they met through a mutual friend in prison.
he was in jail for 15 years.
she has a master’s degree in teaching,
but she quit her job,
emptied her 401k,
and decided to travel the world:

@meetthemaynors Reply to @vivianwynter The Bar Has Always Been Set High. Don’t be so quick to Judge. God Sits High & Looks Low. #fypシ #relationships #couplelove #couplestiktok #lovewins #prisontiktok #trending #couples #viral ♬ original sound – MeetTheMaynors

…and getting paul back on his feet as well:

@meetthemaynors His first time shopping in over 15 years. We went to the Nike Outlet. #relationships #couples #nike #prisontiktok #fypシ #couplestiktok #lovewins #trending ♬ original sound – MeetTheMaynors

@meetthemaynors His first pedicure. #roadtoredemption #selfcare #relationships #couplestiktok #trending #fypシ #viral #prisontiktok #foryoupage #explorepage✨ ♬ original sound – MeetTheMaynors

@meetthemaynors It’s shopping day. #followformorevideo #love #couples #relationships #goals #prisontiktok #fypシ #trending ♬ original sound – MeetTheMaynors

@meetthemaynors Paul is trying for his drivers permit today. We hope he passes. #fypシ #relationships #couplelove #couplestiktok #lovewins #prisontiktok #trending #couples #viral ♬ original sound – MeetTheMaynors

i’m trying my best not to judge but it’s hard.
i would hate for her to do all of this,
build paul up,
he ends up dropping her,
and getting with someone more on his level.

…or maybe they will make it to the end?

stranger things have happened.
i’m convinced we are living in the twilight zone these days.


  1. As much as I want to root for them, this will not end well. I’ve seen this happen A LOT, thanks to friends and family.

    He has been in a confined environment for 15 years, enforced by strict rules and regulations. I hope he can find someone that is willing to give an ex-convict a chance, because let’s face it, people hear “ex-con” and they shut the door. That leads to recidivism. She is enjoying the attention of a man that told her everything she want(ed) to hear, but at some point that money will run out, and then how are they going to live? She is the provider, and until he gets a job, everything will fall on her shoulders. It’s peaches and cream right now, but that’s gonna get old real quick.

    Another woman starts showing him attention, you better believe that dick is gonna go swinging her way. He’s been locked up for 15 years…he is gonna wanna taste the forbidden fruit, no matter who the main “bae” is.

  2. It is a lot to unpack here. The reality is that many educated women who look like this will not get a man on her level education or financial wise and that is just the truth. Men who are educated and financially stable want Video Vixen looking females and not the Sunday School Teacher. The other reality is that he has been institutionalized being in prison that long, maybe 2-5 years and you can bounce back to almost normal but after 10 years its pretty much a wrap. Another thing that has to be said is that most Heterosexual men can probably last up to 3-5 years without a jailhouse wife but 15 years is a stretch that even the strongest man will find hard not to yield to temptation from the favors of a prison Holley Berry (ask the producers of Lockup if you think I am lying LoL)- so she may have a problem she didn’t see coming. Now one thing that she has in her favor is that many men who have been locked up are loyal especially to someone who held them down while they were locked up. I can see just by some of these post that she is going to treat him good but she is going to want to control him and will use his circumstances against him. She may not want him to get a good job or be independent of her so she will support him to the end as long as he stays with her and depends on her. The odds are not in her favor, the temptations of the world are hard to resist when you regain your freedom again. He may never go back to a life of crime but drugs, women, and other vices are just as harmful as returning to crime. He will need a lot of support to be successful and she may be able to give it him but she is starting out on bad note putting this on social media, she is opening herself up to ridicule and judgement before her relationship can get off the ground good. He has been gone so long that he probably does not even realize the power of social media being that when he got lockup it was very different. She is opening him up to a lot of negativity as well. You have to be careful cleaning a man up and showing him off, it is giving me “Having a piece of a man is better than no man at all” vibes. Anyone who has ever worked with the prison population can tell you the battle begins once you get out to be able to stay out. Good Luck to the Maynors because they are going to need it.

  3. Sis got a Master’s, quit her job teaching to travel the world, taking care of a man who was in jail; Sis far from stupid. She may be book smart. She might be on to something tho. When you come from nothing, and somebody take a chance on you and you build a empire together; that man ain’t going nowhere! We don’t know what that man spent 15 years doing, that don’t mean he gon take her money and cheat.

    This is screaming big donkey dick energy right here. She talked to this man on the phone for almost a decade. Haven’t been with a man and waited for him. He got our of prison and both of them living they best life. That man put that dick on her so good, she took him to the Nike Outlet store. Do you sis! She one step ahead of him, trust me. She ain’t at work, she know everything going on cause its in her name.

  4. I don’t know nuttin about their relationship but, odds aren’t in their favor. Second keep your relationship off social media cause people will get in their business and mess a good thing up.

  5. No judgements. I’d recommend proceeding w caution and not splurging, but I think most of us are aware that not all ppl in prison are bad ppl. Most ppl are more concerned w the optics (mofos will walk around in a tshirt w a Gildan tag if it says Balenciaga across the front, but won’t wear a plain white/blk Gildan t-shirt), being more concerned about what strangers in the comments think, than they are w whether this person seems to be a usually sensible person who made an idiot move that led to getting locked up.

    It’s obviously not for everyone, but I hope it works out for them.

  6. Look…she’s a step ahead of most of us. How many here have ONE black man that you love that is currently COMMITTED to ONLY you? I’ll wait…I guarantee the numbers aren’t high. We look at how the relationship was birthed and low key judge because it is not how we personally would see fit to do it (meanwhile more than half judging can’t even get a man to begin with #ImJustSayin). I wish them well.

  7. Speaking generally. There are many “Good Men” who have made “Bad” choices and ended up in jail. I feel it should be a case by case and love is love. ( No, I do not have a record ) However , I was in a relationship with a beautiful brother who spent time incarcerated for a “White Collar Crime” ( which does not make a difference) . He was one of the best relationships I have ever had. Caring , trustworthy, contributed financially and emotionally, In fact , he saved my life at a very , very dark period and we are good friends to this day. ( smile)

    Society is very quick to limit everything Black Males can achieve . Unfairly more of us are placed in situations that may lead to bad choices. Yes, we know that some cards may be stacked against us therefore we must become “educated, skilled and choose to avoid activities that may lead to incarceration . I just do not want to judge another man or woman’s decision on where they seek and attain a relationship/love

  8. Being on the phone isn’t the same as in-person.

    He is financially dependent on her.

    I do not look forward for him to stealing from her, reverting to his old ways (hard to unlearn prison life that you’ve been accustomed to for 15 years)

    He could appreciate it, but…time will tell. I wish her all the positivity.

    This reeks of “I did all of this for him, he’ll appreciate it and not leave me”, so while it’s manipulative on her part, also shows how she lacks self-esteem. She wouldn’t put all of this into a free man, so it gives “He needs me, unlike these other guys who have options”.

    I wish Black women didn’t settle. I’m not saying a Black man can’t do better after prison..but HOW MANY BLACK MEN WOULD DO THIS FOR A WOMAN FOR 15 YEARS?!!!

  9. I can do nothing but wish them both the best. I hope they do right by each other. We look at him doing her wrong but I hope she does not come back and try to control based on what she did for him. I am rooting for them.

    1. ^ something about this is giving me a control issue on her part.
      the way she is looking into the camera…
      her body language isn’t giving too much confidence.

    1. ^don’t throw all black women in this pot.
      there are plenty of black women that would never do this.

      some gay males will pay a whole jail bird’s mortgage by way of his onlyfans.

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