usher steps out with a whole new wig for 2019

i think usher is so handsome.
i didn’t like him during his “my way” era,
but he has grown on me over the years.

Why is Usher not mentioned with the r&b greats?

he’s pretty successful in his own right.
usher had me copying his haircut a few years ago.
he brought it back recently:

…but now he has an entirely new cut.
he debuted his “rat pack” stylings on new years eve and well…

i sniggled at “what kind of holding spray” and his face in ^that still.

i mean,
it’s different.
they are definitely roasting him on social media.
he’s being a good sport about it.

hopefully he can use this look for an era.
i like a good era.
if he can do like how madonna use to do,
he might be onto something.

that looks fly af.
i’ll allow it.

i hope didn’t crumbled with the meme tho:

…because ^this looks very “2002”.
i’ll stay tuned to see where he’s going with this.

lowkey: i loved usher’s snap when i followed him on there.
he has such a good eye when it comes to photography.
i love how he takes a picture.

7 thoughts on “usher steps out with a whole new wig for 2019

  1. When you’ve had decades of success in your chosen career I feel like you are allowed to do whatever the fvck you wanna do (including perming your hair 😝). Just look at professional athletes for example. They blurr the lines all the time with fashion, hair styles and questionable behavior yet they can still walk with pride because in America at least, being an athlete is the height of masculinity. And with wealth comes “absolutely zero fucks given” about what people think of you.

    I’m rambling but yall know what I’m trying to say right? lol

    Btw, Usher now reminds me of those spanish speaking dark skin Hondurans.

  2. Press and curl and Pump it Up took me out!! Lol
    I like his hair in the studio pic the most . Also a Very Happy New Year to you J * I missed your New Years post* 😔

  3. I’m not a fan of it but being the followers most of society is, it will start to trend. That’s what they always do. Eventually these men walking around with these Aladdin carpets under their chin will have to get a new set of style to follow.

    This is what they call going live right? Readin those comments always makes me raise my eyebrow about people….

    However, I did grin at the comment when the girl said Usher looks like one of the four tops. 🤣🤣 I was like…Usher Richbanks from Breed It Raw…😅

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