“unhand me, you brute!”: the tale of iron fist at mcdonalds

…or ima put your head straight in the fry grill.
what is it about mcdonalds that makes folks go crazy?
that food got some kind of tiger’s blood in it.
so the following video has been circulating around the internet.
a snow hyena yolks up a mcdonalds worker,
but the only thing is she had time that day…

he thought she was gonna be a timid little thing.

i know he had a pounding headache afterwards.
all of that over a damn straw?
i’m mad at all the males in that scenario,
especially the manager.
your colleague,
who is a vixen,
is getting manhandled and he’s catering to the asshole.
punch him too!
he has since gotten arrested:

i hope she sues his tail too.
i’d make sure he never works another job without my cut getting taken out.
you put your paws on me,
i’ll put your tail in bankruptcy.
segue the song for this entry:

lowkey: allegedly,
she still has her job at mcdonalds.
they didn’t want that black twitter work by firing her.

video source: facebook

3 thoughts on ““unhand me, you brute!”: the tale of iron fist at mcdonalds

  1. I’m glad you mentioned this story, but what puzzles me is many of the reactions on social media; at the end of the day what was there to really get mad at. Don’t get me wrong at the end of the day the man assaulted the woman and put his hands on her first, she defended herself and kicked his ass, other employees eventual came in a broke it up, the man was arrested, the woman kept her job, McDonalds released a statement basically saying they stand behind their employees; my question for those who are mad would be what did you want to happen. Were the male employees suppose to jump across the counter and jump the man. if they did in all likelihood, they would’ve lost their jobs and probably been charged with something; it is Florida with the infamous stand your ground laws, we they suppose to pull out a gun and shoot the man or grab a knife from the back and stab him. I know as black people we’ve been catching hell from the continued killings of unarmed black people by the police to the barrage of unjustified 911 phone calls, but have we moved from a place of wanting justice to a place of vengeance. I think the moral of the story is sometimes you need to know when the battle has been won, no need to kick a dead horse as the old saying goes.

  2. The article I read noted dude’s a transient, so unfortunately a lawsuit wouldn’t be worth it. I’m sure a good attorney could finagle some $ outta McDs though some kinda way.

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