the dominican who (allegedly) didn’t come through with the extra meats

now that tumblr is gone,
the jackals can scam the gays in peace.
so one of my foxholers is fuming mad.
i’m mad at them tbh,
but we gonna get into that soon.
so ^that wolf/jackal is allegedly scamming on the meats.
his name is @tattedsuav.
a foxholer allegedly paid for extra meats and he didn’t come through.
this is the alleged ig conversation that was sent to me…


if this is true,
he’s a dominican from new yawk.
all i needed to know.

Are we really giving our funds to males jackin off?
Showing their tails?

is this what’s gonna be happening in ’19?
the second day of the year and some of ya’ll ain’t learn yet.


i want you to go in your fridge,
take out a raw piece of meat,
and slap yourself with it.
i’m not sympathizing with this.
from that convo,
he legit finagled 150 out of you.
i could understand if he bailed on coming through with the pipe.
you got finagled,
by a dominican hood rat,
 to watch him jack off and show his tail in a 2 minute video.
let that marinate deep in you for a minute.
do NOT,
and i repeat,


…do this again.
you coulda took those funds and paid for my new laptop.
at least i’m not out here scamming.

for the straights who work for gay funds.

if you’re charging for extra meats,
at least come through with it.
don’t be “that asshole”.
not the asshole they was expecting.
some of the gay community be asking for the scamming.
if you ain’t coming through to fuck me…

…i’m not interested in a video.
you better be banging my back completely OUT for 150.
that 150 was half on the room.
all parties involved need to get it all the way together.

lowkey: his ig tells me he is a welder,
has another job,
and strips/maybe sells his bawdy on the side.

he isn’t hurtin’ for money so why allegedly scam?
how much cubs he got?
is all his money going to child support?
he only has 2 videos and 3 photos on his onlyfans,
but charging 25 dollars??????

this pineapple is buggin.

for investigative purposes: instagram

34 thoughts on “the dominican who (allegedly) didn’t come through with the extra meats

  1. this dominican trash lives in the polo grounds projects uptown. he gas a gay vibe to me in person. the way he dresses. and i have seen two videos and nude photos of him online for free. sucks for the guy. never $150 for ANY video. let alone a 2min one. he is not that hot. pretty basic actually.

  2. Le sigh y’all gonna learn about those latino. They coming here trying to replace and yet some still run to them. Look at Cali, Fl, Texas ppl catching it there all because of immigrants. These ppl come here and get jobs and all the other races they try to push out and get their own. I know it’s a lil off topic but ppl need to know. These ppl are not your friend. (NOT ALL BUT ENOUGH). If ppl are going around talking about keeping their line pure what does that say. Stop riding for ppl who don’t reciprocate. The keeping the line pure part was a joke arent dominicans and other latino ppl most of them are black spanish and taino. I don’t agree with 45 on alot of things but this immigration thing needs to be dealt with. They all ready bragging online talking about what they going to do when they have the numbers. Realize what’s going on around. Seems a bit paranoid but the ppl need to understand. white extremist are being replace by latino extremist. Majority of latino countries are anti u.s. and against darker groups of people. Don’t let outsiders come and take what the elders fought for the next generation to have. They ride civil rights cost rail when they could care less about “The People”. Just and observation what are others thoughts on this matter.

  3. they obviously just had a misunderstanding.. Suav takes care of his fans. His only fans page is worth the $25 price tag just with the 3 photos and 3 videos he has now (which he already stated there’s more to come).. Check him out for yourself.. Looking forward to seeing more!!

  4. Okay I’m still on the floor from the

    “Scamming on the MEATS”

    comment. LMAO why is that quote so damn funny to me? 🤣

    Anyway, he scams because gays are expendable to heterosexual alpha males. They really don’t respect gay men at all despite getting the rainbow dollar bills.

  5. so many red flags here… the stripper dude is LAME af, seriously. no shade. also, i was raised in the Bronx. Believe me. There are some Dominican guys who are soOOOOOO much hotter than this stripper. as for the victim, he’s the epitome of a thirst-bag. if he bothered to search the internet, he’d find this stripper’s nude jack off vids r all over the internet lol. it’s 2019! the thirst fad is DEAD.

  6. “No refunds bye” LMAOOOOOOO! When I tell you I am screaming!!!! This shit was hilarious! $150 for a damn ass video? You must be a sucka (no pun) for real!

  7. Big facts I died a little when I read “no refunds bye”. When are folks gonna wake up? Apparently not in 2019 because 72 hours in and they’re still falling for these pineapples and their foolishness!

  8. I mean we’re all talking down but clearly this is a market thirsty gays have created because I don’t know any women paying for masturbation or booty videos.

    $150 could be used towards groceries smh

    Then assuming someone like this is going to be honest and honor their word like they’re monitored by the Better Business Bureau LMAO.

    Dudes out here really paying bills or more than likely funding a fake lifestyle off ya’ll thirst lol

  9. “Yo This is silly”, dude could of got him a rent men and I know a few here that charge $100. Hell some of our favorite pornstars make visits to the city and will bang you out for sure. And if dude is really desperate, go to a local sauna where everything goes down discreetly!! It’s so good to have options.

      1. Exactly like he’s not bad looking but he’s just another version of somebody we’ve seen before.

  10. Sorry don’t feel bad for the guy who got scammed, NOT ONE BIT! How about in 2019 gays STOP BEING SO THIRSTY!!!!

  11. The Law of Averages

    Foxes be baiting these dudes left and right on Tumblr and IG. Only a matter of time that a straight would get revenge for his fallen brothers 😂😂😂😂

    Lets make better decisions in 2019. Save your money and travel. These men are never worth it.

  12. Yo I’m sorry but I’m LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!! Baby for a $150 you coulda got yourself a new outfit, stocked ya fridge a lil, had a good night out on the town, bought ya mama some flowers, HELL you coulda gave that money to saint Jude’s and helped the babies!!! but u send that shit to a ransom nigga to see 2mins worth of ass & dick….an ain’t even Get that! NO MA’AM!!!! Talkin bout “bad business” He a nigga selling ass & dick vids, Baby I KNOW you didn’t think he was really gon refund you!

  13. To the guy that got scammed:
    If you want some Dominican peen, take your ass down to the DR. You’ll get a lot more from one of the local “sanky pankies” (as they are referred to in the Dominican Republic) for 150-200USD than a 30sec video….

    Don’t ask me how I know. 🙂

    1. Just what I was about to say!

      I’ve heard from multiple homeboys that have been to D.R. that $100 will literally get you whatever you want down there, man or woman. In the smaller more rural areas you can get a beautiful woman or I’m sure a handsome dude to treat you like Sweet Dick Willie for $25.

      Group of married men go down there under the guise of a boys trip or getting dental work done all the time to enjoy the women and other men there.

      You may as well pay for prostitution you’re getting pleasure from lol.

      1. “Group of married men go down there under the guise of a boys trip or getting dental work done all the time to enjoy the women and other men there.”

        I’ve heard this from countless people

  14. Hmmm, he kinda resembles Heat. But why on earth would you pay for a jack off videos when you have pornhub myvidster and all these free porn cites that with a little searching and patience, would will find them Smdh!

    1. Dominicans tend to look alike because they lack biodiversity. It would help if they bred out more often because a lot of them have parents & grandparents who are first cousins. The inbreeding is even worse on the island because they’re into that “keep the race pure (and light)” nonsense. Young Platano pineapples are running around with undescended penises and breasts like women. The ones here in the states may not have the physical deformities, but they’re walking around mentally ill like the joker in Jamari’s post. I live in New York so his phenotype is banal. He isn’t worth a $3 swipe let alone $150 for some damn uncut dick pics one could see on what’s left of Tumblr.

    2. This guy is lying and is only upset they had a mistunderstanding I was satisfied with his videos and staying tuned for more if u guys wanna see for your self and see he’s lying follow his Instagram @tattedsuav

      1. ^nobody is paying 25 dollars for 5 things on an onlyfans.
        is he fuckin?
        what are we talking about here?
        tatted should know better but a sucka is born every day.
        i’m from ny so i can spot the scamming in his whole situation.

        he has to work harder to impress me.

        1. You gotta understand he’s starting out with this fan page so showing all the goodies at once will kill everything u gotta make people want more and stay wanting more by teasing if he shows everything I’m not gonna wanna see him nomore because what’s the point I already saw everything but from a business man and entertainer point of view I see what he’s doing stay tune for more and u will see sex videos and much more just stop hating and being salty 😎🙏🏻🙏🏻

          1. ^from a business stand point,
            he could catch more flies with honey charging 10 dollars and gradually putting the price up once he gets more views/adds more content.
            it’s not even 10-15 videos/pics on there starting off for 25.
            i’m disgusted at his boldness.

            who is his manager?
            whoever he is fuckin?
            they are giving him awful advice and he needs to start small and build.

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