I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (56)

tumblr_m45cbkaexs1r4yegro1_5001the following “hoodrat shit” video DISGUSTED me.
absolutely disgusting.
so the characters in this video are what i like to call:


…and i don’t like to use that word,
the “f” word is like the “n” word.
it’s not a sign of “endearment”.
it usually means you are “rachet as every inch of the fuck”.
it also represents the bad apples within this community in this video.
these types attract and out most of the d/l.
so a jackal loses his cell phone during atlanta pride.
his jackal pack tell him it was in a gas station store called “racetrac”.
this is how the jackal reacts via an f-bi


first and foremost:



what was so hard to go in there and say:

i don’t know if you can help me,
but i seemed to have misplaced my phone.
has anyone seen it?”

why did he go in there,
hands a waving,
antics a spewing,
and then go and assault that snow bunny?
why was this a good idea????
it’s not like those workers were being belligerent.

“girl this…
and girl…
girl you better…”

…the fuck?
this is why i don’t like anyone to address me as “girl”.
“girls” don’t even act like that.
if this is what “girls” act like then i haven’t been around those “girls”.
thank god.
a male would have handled that better.
just because you are gay doesn’t mean you become the stereotype.
well the jackals involved,
justin cunningham and marcus sharpe,
were arrested in rutherford county, tennesse.

Sharpe is charged with criminal impersonation and fugitive from justice.

Cunningham is charged with giving a false report or information, leaving the scene of an accident and driving on suspended license.

Those charges were filed in Rutherford County.

2i8exspi guess i was right on them being raggamuffins.
atlanta pride should have been skipped.
they had bigger issues in their backgrounds.
i hope they are prosecuted to every extent of the law.

lowkey: like,
they got a record over a cell phone.
is this life?

read more: newschannel9

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “I Just Wanted To Do Hoodrat Shit With My Friends (56)”

  1. They had it coming. But i’ve a problem with what you said jamari: what’s wrong with being “the stereotype”. What if they wanna say girl in every sentences? I’m mean i’m not talking about the rachetness because that’s really disgusting. But so what if they wanna act “girly”? “a male would have handled that better” what does that even mean? You have to act “masc” to be a male? And since when “male” handle things better? And for the F word let’s be honest it’s only because they’re really, let’s say flamboyant, because if it was a masc gay who acted that rachet and ghetto nobody would ever have thought about the F word. So i don’t really thing the F represents the bad apples within this community, nope that word it’s exclusively for the fem. Being a fem is really exhausting i swear. Homophobic straight reject us and even in our community we’re looked down on, because “why we can just act normal? we still have a dick between those legs”, right?!

  2. I was pleased to hear that he got caught. Why do people act like this? He literally wanted to go back into the store to cause a scene. Then on top of it all, these people have friends who encourage the situation and purposely aim to make matters worse. Word on the street is, during pride it is always the out of town folk that come out of town and show their asses in Atlanta.

  3. That pissed me off. That whole incident was unnecessary especially since he had already recovered his phone. He goes back in there to tell them off and then puts hands on her because she didn’t want to just sit there and take his mess? She did exactly what she was supposed to do. And his dumb ass friends just recording it like an idiot not thinking about how it can now be used as evidence against them. Oh not to mention he doing all this popping off and trying to prove he was all bad and what not but all he did was sucker punch someone who didn’t want to deal with him. She should definitely press charges and they’ll deserve it. They all need to get it together.

    1. …to the nth power!…and yep Jamari,these the same typ’a dudes that somehow pull mofos like a Kerry Rhodes and then they wondering how/why everybody tasting their tea….and “criminal impersonation” (aka ID fraud) huh?…typical stuntin’ ass clowns need to be ashamed…prolly mad they didn’t get any/enuf dick over the weekend n take it out on that Becky, smdh

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