Welcome To The Health and Beauty Foxhole Store!

 foxholers hit me up all the time and they all say the same.
they bought something that i recommended.
it makes me feel good knowing that.
i try not to steer anyone wrong with my good stuff.
so i was talking to a foxholer about my recent issues with sponsorship.
they recommended that i work with amazon.
i was feeling down so that’s when i’m my most creative.

i created a store!
it has the products i’ve used and suggested worked for me.
the products are cheaper there than in a real store too.
so you get some savings with your purchases.
i’ll update and will always link products through that.
now if only i could sell the meat i write about.


lowkey: a cologne aisle will be made.
stay tuned!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Welcome To The Health and Beauty Foxhole Store!”

    1. ^you know what i thought about today…

      i have this powerful website with the most amazing readers.
      i’m going on interviews and got the ultimate curve.
      it’s really baffling that i’m not doing this fulltime?
      so when the foxhole suggested amazon,
      i said i’d give it a shot.
      it made me happy putting all the products up.
      this is clearly my calling,
      yet i’m struggling for work.

      1. But Jamari, I been saying this. This is your passion! I and others have been reading your blog consistently for YEARS. It’s a safe haven for those in our type of forest and we can speak open and freely about a number of things. This is a website that has a cult following, its own vernacular, and a writer who actively interacts with his readers. Is your name trademarked? This website copyrighted? This is a special place, no lie. Find a way to make this profitable to you. Patreon? Writing a book? I believe that you can capitalize on the Foxhole and make it a big time Brand. You just need the correct avenue on which to drive on.

        1. ^and this is why i need a mentor.
          i’m going past “i do this to vent” and more into a “brand” now.
          these jobs are a waste of my time and energy.
          even though i desperately need the money,
          i’ve legit been over the rat race.

  1. I was literally about to recommend this to you after reading your last post. Youtubers do it ALL the time in their description box they have amazon links products their using getting that cash. This will be good while you wait for a sponser or approved ads on your site.

    P.S. It’s going to happen just wait I can think of five brands right now that would benefit from sponsering the foxhole .

    1. ^thank you for thinking of me mikey!
      the universe brought me to it because of that vixen i watched all day saturday.
      i love how you also had the same suggestion as well.
      i really appreciate you!!

      it wouldn’t hurt to try it and see how far it takes me!

  2. Let me go buy some products from the store and use this Amazon Credit that they so nicely granted me.

    OAN I have tried to post my replies on several topics on the foxhole and I have been getting a No Bueno. It is like every 5 times I try to post a reply it works, like today, tried using different browser and same thing, not able to post my reply. I wonder have others had this problem.

    1. ^sometimes if there is high traffic,
      the site slows down a lot.
      it happens when i post comments as well.
      i’m trying to work on that,
      but i haven’t found any luck yet!

  3. Wow this is so cool!. I’m sorry, dumb question here, if I buy something from your store, do you get a portion of the profits? i would love to support you if I could. Or does it help you build recognition or something? Cool idea regardless, I’ll be checking it out!

      1. Great! When I get some coins, I’ll show you some love, while at the same time showing my skin some love LOL! This is a fantastic idea for you, you advertise products you’ve been freely reviewing for all this time, and now you can potentially make a profit off of it! It seems like the best of both worlds!

        Speaking of reviews, it would be cool if perhaps you could do paid reviews, as well, while still being your honest self, ofc. You really should be making a profit of this blog Jamari, you’ve already put in plenty of hard work and effort.

  4. Jamari,
    I clicked on the link and was impressed. Then I went to page 2 and screamed. The sex products took me out for some reason.

    S/N: You might want to look into CeraVe. Their lotions, moisturizing creams, and facial cleansers are they truth.

    1. ^i need the foxhole practicing safe sex!
      i’ll research them and see whats up.
      right now,
      my skincare regiment is cool.
      trying too many products can hurt your skin in the long run!

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