I Got Turned Down Twice Today

i’ve had it.
i’ve simply had it.

so i wanted to keep this under wraps until it came through.
i was so excited about it,
but i wanted to chill until it was set in stone.
2 weeks ago,
i had a big interview with a big sports agency.
it would have been working close with the new yawk sports teams.
you guessed it?…

baller wolves every and all day.
i ended up having 4 interviews with this company.
it started with a skype interview.
wowed her.
in person interview with the assistants to the svp and ceo.
wowed them.
the big boss of human resources.
couldn’t tell if i wowed him.
the svp to the department i’d work closely with.
wowed him with all of my experience.

i was pretty sure i had it in the bag.
well after a week of waiting,
i got the call that they were moving in another direction.

“it wasn’t you because you were a very strong candidate.
they went with someone who had a little more experience.
you got great reviews from both the big boss and the svp.
i want to help you find something within the company.
if you look on the website and come across anything,
send it to me so i can be your recommendation.”

with that,
i also interviewed with a private gym.
i wanted that one more actually.
it was more laid back and it was doing admin.
the schedule was perfect.
10am to 7pm.
it was also a few stops away from my crib.
the vixen i interviewed with loved my resume and experience.
she led me on like i got the job.

i loved your resume and loved you.
i’m so interested in having you on board.

i’m just waiting for our client to approve this request.
i will keep you updated as this goes.”

i haven’t heard anything from her since.
so i focused on the sports agency gig.
not to mention i was denied for google adsense today.

so i have no job prospects anymore,
sent out a hundreds of resumes to no responses,
my unemployment is on it’s last month.
i’m trying to fight the negative thoughts the best way i can.
it’s not easy.

lowkey: i feel like i’m trapped in a cage in my own body.
i want to scream,
but i can’t.
it is the weirdest feeling.

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “I Got Turned Down Twice Today”

  1. set back and watch god work it out for you..
    it may seem like nothing is being done, but when god moves
    everything god does is done prefect

  2. I know exactly how you feel. All I can say is keep trying and hopefully something will come your way (even if it’s minor), until you are at your dream career. We’ll get there soon.

  3. This pisses me off, all the experience and talent you have, and your still not getting hired something is not right. You are in New York, the place for opportunities and you can’t catch one damn break, it’s not fair. Sorry, I was trying to be positive but I’m lowkey pissed that these people like you, but don’t hire you. You’ll find something sooner than later.

  4. I feel the same way J, It makes you wonder who is doing the hiring process and i’m I being judged because of my color? I had it with sending resumes for permanent jobs. Its like a waste of time and you spend money of driving miles and dressed to the 9. I talked to my headhunter and he wants me to post a link of my recent work on my website so employers can see what I’ve been up to. These days being interview by a panel means nothing even if your a financial analysis major. These ppl can promise you an office with a 6 figure salary only to sell you a dream. I hear tech companies are the way to go and is popping up in major cities and salary is great aside from the freelance/contract jobs. I live right behind one that is in the making called Magic City Studio in Miami that should be done by December. It promises art, entertainment, technology, sustainability, just like the San Francisco Silicon Valley life style where everyone is gettin paid and layed. I really feel like you have the power of Bscott, or if you remember the Blog “Rod 2.0” before it phased out. I would look at their resume and see if you can grab some hint into the industry and I believe they worked with major television and newspaper outlets.

    1. ^you know what’s CRAZY??!?
      once i heard there was another candidate,
      my spirit told me it was some snow bunny.
      what makes me mad is i spent 60 dollars to get down there by cab to interview with the big wigs.
      it was hot af on those days and i didn’t want to be sweaty taking the train.

      i remember rod!
      i think he shouted me out once or twice.
      b scott is a good blogger inspiration,
      but i feel she got where she is by her mariah connects.

      1. Have you ever tried out for a Copywriter position? I see that allot at my head hunter tho I think you may fit in that position.

  5. Fuck those mutherfuckers they can eat a dick……………… now that got that out out the way keep your head up and I agree with the comment above see what else the sports folk have, you never know because of the long ass interview process you already went through you might be a shoe in for another job there

  6. I hate when they lead you on with the bullshit knowing full well you may not be what they looking for. Keep up the fight, Jamari. This city is FULL of opportunities and possibilities and you will find the perfect fit. I honestly believe that.

    1. ^i legit felt like the led me on f&s.
      4 interviews tho????
      and gonna have me waiting and then gonna say they went in another direction?
      that legit has me feeling depressed af.

  7. 1st ,I’m Sooooo very sorry that they didn’t recognize your Brilliance. I have been silently following you for a few Months and see how Talented ,Smart and Resourceful your are. I have been in your shoes and know to real the pain of being ‘Between Jobs “.The mental, emotional and financial burden
    it can place on a person.

    Don’t give up!!!! 4 interviews is impressive and displays that they did see what you and I know you have, but God has something better for you.

    I was out of work for almost a year and just got hired in 3 days ago for a wonderful position. You too will succeed ( smile)

    1. ^thank you mc!

      that is what one of my friends just told me about the 4 interviews too.
      i’ll keep on looking,
      but it’s definitely crunch time now.

  8. Try to see what else the sports agency has since the person will be a reference.

    Keep your head up

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