So I Watched The 2017 BET Awards and Well..

so thanks to sling tv,
i was able to watch the 2017 bet awards.
everything went smooth and it was in hd!
it froze like twice,
but i did a quick reset and it was back to normal.
thank God it happened during commercials.
i wanted to share my thoughts since i couldn’t sleep.

1) leslie jones is just loud.
loud af for no reason.
some of her jokes were funny,
while many fell flat.
it’s good to see a black vixen commanding a stage,
but she may have needed someone to balance her out.

2) bruno mars literally has “beyonce”’d all the r&b wolves.
he came and did what we were missing in r&b.
  production and melodies
he isn’t odee with graphic sexual talk.
r&b was about love.
now it’s gotten pretty self absorbed.

bruno is a threat now.

3) tremaine,
i don’t know what that was tonight.
tonight’s performance wasn’t good at all.
it’s like,
he knows how to perform on his tours

but he can’t do a live performance successfully.
it’s not like his last album was trash either.
on a main stage like the bet awards,
it’s all about the crowd and the audience at home.

he needed a rapper wolf.
his vocals weren’t strong and he was kinda boring.
i wanted him to he perform “animal” and…
it was a snoozer.
he didn’t make me want to ride him tonight.
the dragging should awaken his creativity.

4) chris brown was ok.
he is a great performer,
but he is starting to be a one trick pony too.
one long songs and performances.

gucci saved him.

5) kunfu kenny saved future.
so many others sound like him now.
he doesn’t stand out anymore.

6) yara shahidi is the future.

7) xscape made me want to buy a ticket to see them live at the essence festival.
i’m high key rooting for tiny.
she looked so happy up there.

8) i loved seeing our first lady,
michelle obama,
taking her time out to show love.

9) can we talk about how humble chance the rapper is?
when you put God first,
magic can happen.

10) aunt mary wasn’t playing tonight.
i love how she vocally dragged kendu on a glo up high.

11) we need more black vixen performers

12) sza makes me accept my inner side hoe.
i’m sorta okay with that.


i was screaming like a teenage vixen in my bedroom.
the “teen ne” had my loins on fire.
they are all so fine.
“old ne” killed it.
i could watch that performance over and over.

14) i love my people!

15) did el debarge not kill “careless whisperer” tho?

16) i need to know what that maxwell song was…

17) i was so glad they gave remy that award.
i also knew she was gonna be petty af too.

18) did i mention i love my people?

19) milan christopher was front row.

20) i’ll be seeing “girl’s night”.

21) i’m convinced tamar was lip syncing.

i’m sure there is more,
but that award show was long!
i’ll give it a b-.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “So I Watched The 2017 BET Awards and Well..”

  1. Tamar was DEFINITELY lip syncing. Xscape was “ehh” for me. I was happy to see them FINALLY all together. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because they haven’t performed together in over 20 years. I’m anxious to see where their career as a group will go now, and I was so happy to see Tiny in her true element again.

    1. ^tamar was doing too much hair whippin’ and cuttin up without any sign on breathing LOL
      if she did,
      then i’ll take it back.

      tiny looked and sounded GREAT!
      this must be the year of the glo up from the ain’t shit!

      1. It’s like Tamar performances start good for the most part, then on throughout the rest of the performance and gets possessed and start doing all that extra shit.. I still love her though 😂

      2. Tamar has had her moment in the spotlight again. She is flaming out, along with the reality show.

    2. I was happy as hell to see my girls back together. It’s gonna take a moment for them to blend well together again, because like you said, it’s been years since they performed together…well with Kandi. You could hear it last night, but it wasn’t too bad. I just hope they can hold it together so we get a disc of new music! Lol

  2. Tamar is so extra. Yes she was lip syncing. Bruno always puts on a good performance. Chris Brown was nothing special to me. His stuff sounds the same and he sings about the same, making a girl sweat and rocking the bed. I thought he would have had some type of musical growth by now. To me all the R&B artist sound the same. Slurred lyrics over a nice beat. I was here for Xscape. Glad to see they are back together.

  3. Maxwell song is called “Gods” from his summers album last year
    One my fave songs out right now
    The studio version is way better than the live
    His performance was awful

  4. The Tamar performance was HILARIOUS! She is so extra LMAO! She was clearly lipsyncing, which I don’t understand why because she’s actually one of the R&B girls of today who CAN sing. As somebody stated, all that hair whipping and you did not hear an OUNCE of breathing, too funny

  5. Didn’t watch the BET awards last night but I’ll check out the Bruno Mars bit. I think he is a fantastic artist. One of the few that I still listen to. He always kills it and has VO-CALS! Raw talent, and brings it to the stage, with some creativity. He treads that fine line singing about sex and love without having it be too explicit, or gimmicky to the point where it overshadows the song. I would say he’s found the right balance.

    He’s really cute too, and has a great personality and seems really fun, I also like that he has a different and unconventional look, but still very handsome. He could get it.

    1. Bruno is one artist I would actually pay to see, because he gives you an ALL-AROUND performance. These other R&B artists better take note…that sex/fuck you crap is ovah! Hear that Chris & Trig?! Lol
      He writes, produces his music. He’s a trendsetter, not a follower.

      1. Me too! He makes real music. Catchy and still gives us talent. That voice too,wow! Need more like him!

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