My iPhone Put Me On Time Out

the last couple days have been wack.
i find when i’m really out of it,
i try to stay busy as i can.
well i noticed that my iphone battery was getting hot af and dying fast.
it made no sense that…

…i went to bed one night at 72% and woke up at 45%.
it also made no sense i would it would drain fast with limited use.
so after researching,
i decided to reset it.
instead of doing a “back up restore”,
i went to “erase all settings and contents” and wiped the phone.
i’m gonna set it up as new and start over.
that means install all the apps manually,
remembering passwords,
and setting the phone up like i just got it for the first time.

annoying af.

that was yesterday morning.

The phone is still like ^this on my tv stand this morning.

i didn’t have the urge to turn it back on.
still don’t.
i just don’t want to be bothered right now.
when i learned to enjoy my own company,
i didn’t need to seek validation from anyone else.
let’s thank ww and others who help me come to this point.
i have a big job possibility coming up so i have to turn it on by monday,
but right now,
i have no fucks to give until…

the good news?
it’s not the battery because it’s still fully charged.

lowkey: i stumbled upon this popular youtuber,
looking up random iphone videos…

…and i was so baffled at her life,
her views on being super thirsty about snow wolves,
and why her hair was the way it was,
that i watched almost all her videos all day yesterday.
is this how they are in la???

sometimes it’s fun to be in someone else’s world to escape yours.
in a weird way,
she helped me.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “My iPhone Put Me On Time Out”

  1. It’s interesting how connected people are and have to be. On my daily commute, it’s amazing to see how many people are engaged on their phones. I mean I will see MAYBE between two or three people reading a paper or book, but everyone else is mesmerized by their phone. It’s a bit dangerous because they’re unaware of their surroundings, so I can see how people get shyt snatched from them. If I’m not reading a book, I have my iPod going (mostly to keep people from talking to me), but I’m ALWAYS aware of my surroundings. My commute time is my time to get myself mentally prepared for my day ahead. Music helps GREATLY, but I don’t answer my phone at that time. NO IG, Facebook, etc. None of that.

    It can wait until I get to my destination. I wish more people felt that way because lord knows I don’t/didn’t need to hear some of the conversations I’ve overheard.

  2. We’re so attached to all these gadgets now. I’ve read that it’s good to detach yourself at least once a week, no phone or internet.

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