Jeramie Hollins Has Some Alleged Pipe Leakage

*the following is parental advisory.
nudes below.
18^ and under don’t even think about it!

that was my face when an f-bi sent me the following.
so foxhole fav,
jeramie hollins,
had some alleged leakage.

i’ll just say it!
he has a big ass dick.
i mean he has hinted:

…but i didn’t think he was hiding that monster.
i commend the vixen who is wrestling that.

lowkey: i do love this photo shoot with jeramie with montel photo…

handsome wolf.

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

40 thoughts on “Jeramie Hollins Has Some Alleged Pipe Leakage”

  1. well damn. lol Little too much for me, but I like the view. lol Sorry, but I prefer average to above average dudes. lol (6-8 inches, good 7.5 preferable. lol). Still, i enjoy looking at it. lol

    1. RIGHT! LOL. Big dicks are nice to look at but they are HARD WORK.. I don’t know how guys do it in porn. They must be on drugs or something because it’s hard for me to enjoy a big penis. I mean they do boost the attractiveness of a guy for sure, but I just can’t take it inside me. I prefer 7″.

      1. Exactly. I think some of them really are on drugs. I mean, damn, some of them top guys like Knight dick size is crazy and that shit is hella thick. lol. I’ve always said that 7 inches is big enough to suck and fuck and technically you really dont need it to be bigger than that. The best dick size in porn (that Im obsessed with, lol) is Nat Turnher’s dick. lol He is about a good 6.5-7 inches and its thick. His dick is perfect to me. lol There are some scenes where his dick looks like it is longer than 7 inches, but if you ever seen his HD scenes, then you will know he is know that long.

      2. CORRECTION:… There are some scenes where his dick looks like it is longer than 7 inches, but if you ever seen his HD scenes, then you will know he isnt not that long.

  2. They must’ve gotten it from supremeblackmen on IG I heard they were revealing the pics to whoever followed on Snapchat. They had the censored versions of him and Milan

  3. We can’t say we were surprised. You could see he was holdin’ back something impressive in a few of his video clips that he’s posted…especially that jump rope clip!

  4. Ok he’s not being fair blessed with good looks, banging body, and slinging that kind of pipe. it’s the kind of piece that makes you just want to touch it , I don’t think my walls could take anything like that lol

    P.S. This guy is definitely trying to win wolf of the year isn’t he?

  5. Jeramie Hollins is the it wolf of 2017. I think he tried too hard sometimes with his thirst traps, but he is hot and he knows how to use his sexiness to his advantage. I think he lowkey is in our part of the forest tho….

    1. Yeah that’s why I unfollowed him.. He’s nice looking but he seems a bit of an attention whore.. He reminds me of Milan Christopher & Flashman Wade.. After a while it just becomes oversaturated for me. I know most gays enjoy seeing their timeline with half-naked men always finding ways to stick his booty/penis in your face but for me it gets boring sometimes. The orchestrated videos are the most cringeworthy for me lol

      And I’m surprised he’s straight.. I thought he was gay

      1. @ 96 King

        I don’t have any verifiable tea on his sexuality but he’s obviously very comfortable and confident with his own. He appears friendly to both females and males so he’s okay in my book.

        Blind item: He is friends with a black gay director who has shown up in one of his social media streams. That alone shouldn’t conclude his sexual orientation but it tells me Jeramie is at least friendly towards the gheys.

    1. Jay LOL

      Ikr, I’m thinking he shared the photo(s) to his followers on Instagram Stories. They are supposed to disappear like Snapchat but you know people screenshot the hell out of those images.

      1. But then again, those “stories” people post can be so boring/corny, that I didn’t pay attention.

      2. Christian, I follow him too and I don’t recall seeing it either. But judging from the professional quality of the photo, it certainly wasn’t taken to be hid away from adoring eyes. As Jay said, this isn’t a leak, it’s a press alert 🙂

  6. Let’s keep in mind that just because a dude looks good and has a big dick does not mean he has a good stroke or is an interesting person. I do agree that his dick look nice af. But I do laugh… A big dick don’t mean big expectations…If the pipe ain’t ripe…You can kiss you ass goodnight.

    I know a big dick can be hard to work with sometimes but if you run into the RIGHT dude and he smashing you with the properly protected lubed stroke and he talking sexy in your ear and you’re REALLY into him…You will def open up and that dick will have you moaning like Halle Berry in Monster Ball.

    As long as you’re not getting smashed every day of the week, your walls will not turn into a black hole but if the dik is huge and you just have to take a ride to Jurassic World everyday…Better keep a look out…or you will definitely get a Stargate Atlantis bussy in no time.

      1. I’m guessing big dick and boring…Sorry if I offend any fans of Castro but when I saw him fawking cakes back in the day I was bored, and unimpressed. Mike Mann was his successor…Pretty big ole pipe but boring af. He’s a bad top but probably not as bad as Castro. At least Mike Mann may had developed a hint of stroke when he was in the game. Castro fukin is like watching a scarecrow in crop field…They need to have a Top that like that fine straight pornstar Ricky Johnson wit a nice ass and nice pipe that smash you like they trying to reach your soul while making you feel like somebody instead of a corpse from the Walking Dead.

      2. Yes. Body is on point and the tool is magnificent…but ol’ boy doesn’t use it well. He has no chemistry with his co-stars and it comes across on film, and the end result is a boring scene. Even with his straight scenes he came across as boring ans uninterested. It’s sad.

        Mike Mann is the same way. Even though his chemistry was also non-existent, once he got going in his scenes…he got into it! Hence that stroke you mentioned. LOL

        I feel you on the void of good top porn stars. There are a few that have put some good scenes out there, but the inconsistency of their performance is annoying. But it all goes back to chemistry.

  7. Am I the only person that believes his dick photos was photo-shopped? It looks like his dick was enlarged. I looked at his other photos and sometimes his bulge is non-existent? And sometimes it’s there lol

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