The New Way To Watch Cable?

ever since i cut the cord,
my bills have been cut dramatically.
i couldn’t be happier!
i was so moody because i couldn’t watch the ’17 bet awards this weekend tho.
as a blogger,
that’s one of the reasons i need cable.
well i was recommended the following service.

sling tv is the new wave.
well it’s probably old af,
but i’m always fashionably late to the party.

in the fuck…
was i even paying a high ass cable bill???
these packages start atΒ  20 damn dollars!
i got a package that has bet and other channels i actually watched.
you can even add or change packages.
they give you 7 days free trial so i’ll give it a shot.
all goes well,
i’ll be able to watch the 2017 bet awards.


lowkey: they wasn’t lying when they said our phones would be how we watch tv.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “The New Way To Watch Cable?”

  1. Glad you got on board. I’m on the PS Vue train, but since DirecTV Now sent me a free month, I’ll be with them until next month. These streaming, a la carte services are ideal with someone on a budget.

    1. ^how has this not been not shut down by the major cable companies???
      they are selling cable for CHEAP!!!
      20 bucks for some cable tho???????

      i can see most of the foxhole cancelling their cable today LOL

      1. Sling TV is actually owned by Dish Network. They’ve been are trying to branch out and bought the Sling company(back when it was connected with Tivo)in 2011/12. Smart of them to tap into the a la carte business first

      2. lol. @ jamari.. I have Starz for Power and Survivor Remorse. New season of Power starts on Sunday.

  2. I am soo glad you posted this. I have been thinking about Sling TV or Direct Tv Now. The only reason I have not switched yet is because some channels I like to watch are not offered with Sling TV (TV One). I currently have Comcast and my bill is over $125 with internet and cable. But I will be looking into Sling TV right now. What type of internet do you have? I tried to do just internet with Comcast and they wanted to charge me $80. ugghh

    1. ^i have internet through my cable and they charge me 80.
      i was paying close to 160-ish on a promo cable package.
      once that ended,
      i was gonna be charge 200.

      NAH HOMIE.

      i barely even watched cable like that.
      only certain shows i would actually catch like i.e the walking dead, being mary jane, greenleaf, and queen sugar.

      1. Jamari…. Thank you soo much for posting this. I just signed up and OMG you’re right it is running smoothly. I signed up for the Blue services and added (2) additional services. My monthly bill will be $34.99/mth.

        1. ^yay!!!!!!!!

          im so glad omar!!!
          it makes me happy when i can help someone else get a better deal or even free lol
          i’m glad you are only paying that amount compared to last.

  3. I have DTV and since ATT took over it has gotten waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy too expensive. I keep telling people, that I welcome the new tv services and streaming services, bc they fucking cable companies needs competition to lower their prices.

  4. Killed the 200+ cable ish late last year…have a ROKU 2 with Sling TV… get ALLI could ever want for less than 40. (I have cubs) If they want something beyond what I pay for they have their own subscriptions to watch what they want. If there is a particular game that I really want to see – there is usually a way to get it – if not, I just hit the local sports bar. That has happened once…

  5. Hey Jamari. Well it’s been a week. Have you decided to keep your Sling Tv? I know I have. I have already contacted Comcast to adjust my cable to local channels with higher internet speed. So I definitely saving money. Thanks again for posting this.

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