He Was Just Airing Out His Cheeks, Is All.

in my head,
there is only two scenarios for the following video:

a) he was caught fuckin’ someone else and thrown out


b) he crazy af and this is just a regular day.
i bet the story “behind” this is wild.
someone find out!

lowkey: he thick af tho.
cheeks was just bouncing as he ran.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “He Was Just Airing Out His Cheeks, Is All.”

    1. I’m not sure, he looked kinda embarrassed and in a rush to get some clothes on! I’m going to go with he got caught LOL! Or just put out lol

      1. Yeah I agree. He didn’t look like he was in the mood for talking, just trying to make it home. Lol.

      2. I agree if he was “crazy” he probably wouldn’t cover his genitalia.I have seen two naked mentally unstable people walking down the street.A white guy and a black woman(different occasions) and they weren’t trying to cover themselves.

  1. Damn, can you imagine how good it would feel to lay under him and have him ravage you. lmfao.

  2. @ Y Collette.. I completely agree, if he was cray, the ass and dick would just be swinging. Dudes built like him usu have either a big as dick or a small one. Either way (in my pervy way. lol) I would love to have some. lol

  3. I would hate to be him because this is embarrass and scary at the same time. I am more concerned about him being approached by the police. He can catch a charge, whether he was kicked out or not.

  4. He is lowkey a cutie. You can catch a peek of the wang when the driver pulls off. That my type, thick af, and that cake is lovely. Shiiid forget trying to ask what happen ask him do he need a ride so I can get a ride lol

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