Safaree Ain’t About To Be “The Shade Room!” Today

just maybe…
every year i say i wish i could attend the bet awards.
i start to see why i’m good.
so safaree was allegedly jumped outside dj khaled’s bet awards party.
meek mill was the alleged hit man to orchestrate the scheme.
you know there was gonna be a video of some connects and the aftermath.
“the shade room” and “dj akademiks” got it all for the foxhole review…

 grown pineapples still jumping in 2017?
i thought meek was over nicki?
do i really want the answers?
folks out here really be re-enacting reality show reunions.
well at least safaree didn’t get a full video of nonsense.
he got a minor clip of the fight,
but he got away unscathed.
well safaree had a lot to say about the scene in a video…

which led to:

simply just wow.
meek claims he had nothing to do with it:

well you know meek…
it ain’t nothing for you to be one place and your crew to be another.
you say aim over text/phone/ig live and they shoot.
either way,
this is why we can’t have nice things.
i hope they can work this out.
they won’t…
but it was worth a suggestion.

lowkey: safaree always looks so clean.

23 thoughts on “Safaree Ain’t About To Be “The Shade Room!” Today

  1. They should just leave Nicky somewhere and just get a dann room!..$afaree should just wear that booty out!

  2. People we laughing at him because he ran. If a person is about to get jumped, they need to do their best to avoid it. I do not understand why this was even necessary, it is not as if either one of them are currently with Nicki. Whatever beef that they had with one another needs to just end.

  3. These men are trash as usual. Hate that Rap music in general is so centered around violence and nonsense. Either way, Safaree looks so much sexier in that all white when he’s angry. He needs to retire that Jamaican accent and stay mad all the time and we might have a winner here! Lol

  4. He is right. Meek is a pussy. If it bothered you that much then why didnt you square up with him and handle it like men. Instead, your bitch ass gonna step out of the car like u are a fucking don and have ur bitch ass dudes jump him. Weak sauce!

  5. What in the entire FUKK is going on with these new age pineapples in the industry. The USA is literally going to hell in a hand basket with Orange Satan in charge, his corrupt administration is trying to lock young dudes like this up to get free prison labor for his corporate donors and you have these pineapples out here acting an entire fool. They cutting your Granny’s medicaid and your children’s too, but you worried about some made up beef about a Lil Kim imitator who is not fucking with either one of yall. I have had the pleasure of attending the BET awards as well as parties and I am so glad that this stupid ass shit did not go on. This new breed has no idea the powerful platform and influence that they have and they continue to embarrass themselves as well as the rest of us. Please young brothers come together and use your voice for your people and if you are going to fight, fight the real enemy who is trying to kill you daily. This really saddens me to see.

    1. To be fair, ratchetry in hip hop has been going on forever. Before it was more brutal however. That’s why Lil Kim went to jail I believe, because she lied about not having any involvement in a shootout that took place with her crew and another crew (I believe it was Foxy’s). I heard radio stations used to get run up on all the time back in the day. If anything I think it’s calmed down now because of social media and things always being broadcasted/filmed.

      1. No, that’s incorrect. Lil’ Kim went to jail because her version of “no snitching” consisted of lying on the stand claiming she didn’t know certain people she was asked about. To which they pulled out photos of her with the folks. She basically perjured herself the witness stand in federal court.

  6. Meek needs to stay out of trouble. He’s going to end up in jail for a while, if he doesn’t. All this over Nicki and he say, she say; smh.

      1. But if they can prove he had a part in it, it would be a violation. Why are u fighting a dude over a bitch that neither one of yall is fucking any more? And clearly dont give a fuck about either one of ya’ll. She used the both of them to elevate her career. Meek is a pussy. I dont know why I like Safaree? He has that Ray J type of corniness about him. lol

  7. TMZ has video of Meek at the scene They were following him.Apparently the guys who jumped Safaree got out of Meek’s car.I don’t know why people lie when there are cameras everywhere.SMH

  8. Sad when you have grown ass men still acting like kids. These people need to let go of that “keep it real” mentality because it does nothing but make them a statistic, either as a corpse or as a prisoner.

  9. This is just sad. Niggas can’t never act right! I hope 2018 we will start to see less and less of the nigga and the nigga behavior.

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