Well It’s Time To Get Naked and Show Our Body (Issue)

i literally just thought about the “espn body issue” last week.
i was wondering when they were doing it again.
of course,
the universe directed me to all i needed.
so this year is kinda wack besides 3.
nfl baller wolf of the “dallas cowboys”,
ezekiel elliott is in this issue this year.
foxholer sent me the video of his bts

well goodness,
i use to think he was a mouth breather,
but i wouldn’t mind letting him breathe all down my

another who graced the cover this year is javier báez,
who plays for the mlb’s “chicago cubs”:


…and nba baller wolf of the “boston celtics”,
isaiah thomas:

…who i always thought was cute.
we can throw in honorable nfl snow wolf mention,
julian edelman of the “new england patriots”:

well i can’t wait to see the rest when it hits stands july 7th.

x watch isaiah thomas bts here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

13 thoughts on “Well It’s Time To Get Naked and Show Our Body (Issue)”

  1. Javier and Isiah got me speaking tongues over here. Javier can get waxed down! Ezekiel Elliot has a nice body I still think he looks like one of them Ewoks from Star Wars..I’m not saying he ugly or anything but I am saying that Google works wonders and he and the Ewoks look very similar..😐

  2. I wish i was one of those elite billionaire business men. Id have me a time with that elliott fella. All jokes aside id kill for his body type. Its my weakness. I love how thick he is and his hair is.

  3. Yes for all of them. The body issue is always something I look forward to every year. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing Julian. That’s my white boy boo

  4. Im glad we agree. This years class is so wack. Antonio Brown little chocolate ass gave me life. lol

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