August Alsina Is Giving His Whole Existence To Her

i haven’t seen august alsina in a while.
i haven’t even seen his alter ego,
ever since he has been hanging with “the smiths” heavy,
he has been lowkey af.
i only remembered him recently because he performed at the bet awards on sunday.
the “pre show” portion.
well he wrote something on ig that has the forests talking.
this is what he posted

“my whole existence”?
everyone thinks jada pinkett-smith is allegedly smashin him stupid.
a side of me thinks she is being a mentor.
i mean,
he does have a big pipe:

…but i feel like he was so damaged that she reached out.
she did send him some self help books a while back.
i’ve been fooled before.

Isn’t Jada very married to a Will Smith?

hence the “smith” at the end of her name.
whatever is happening,
he has calmed down a lot from his wyldin out days.
i’ll allow whatever this is.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “August Alsina Is Giving His Whole Existence To Her

  1. Idk what it is but I never found him attractive. I know he’s popular or whatever. I used to find him annoying…What’s Trey Songz been up to lately?

    Jada is fine and Will Smith is handsome.

    I remember folks used to say they were swingers. Hmm I wonder…

  2. Aren’t the Smiths allegedly swingers…which means they open to others….hell, maybe it was a hot threesome n Will wanted a ride too..

  3. I believe she is a mother or godmother figure to him.He has a very strained relationship with his bio family.I believe the Smiths are like his chosen family.

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