feeling “insecure” more than eva

i’m “issa/season 3 of insecure” at this moment of my life.
at first i didn’t get where that season was going,
but these days,
i relate with it more than ever.
that last episode of the season,
she UN-packed and set up shit to start over.
oh hi,
me too!
we been waiting for this new season of “insecure“.
we been waiting for that like we waiting for rihanna to drop this damn album.
like crackheads.
we like crackheads ya’ll..
the teaser dropped and well…

april 12th.
i’ll be turning back on my hbo subscription with the quickness.
issa was busy af out here.
on her movie shit with “the photograph“:

…which drops on valentine’s day.
she has another dropping a week before “insecure” called “love birds“:

this drops on april 3rd.
im ready for all of it.

lowkey: i met so many folks who act like “issa” and others from that show.
i feel like i’m in the show these days.

Author: jamari fox

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7 thoughts on “feeling “insecure” more than eva”

  1. Have you heard that Amanda Seales(Tiffany with the obviously DL husband) is the newest co-host of The Real, replacing Tamar?
    Did you hear none of the cast likes her and called security to kick her out of a party?

    I feel like this new season needs to step it up. Issa was doing a lot of highschool shenanigans last season. Mistakes she shouln’t be making at her age I’d never skinny dip in a random person’s pool. Nor pull up for getting ghosted.

  2. None of the INSECURE CAST likes her. Apparently she and Issa’s publicist don’t get on and recently Issa’s publicist threw a party for the cast. Guess who wasn’t invited?? Tried to get in and damn near caused a scene. Apparently nobody bar one came to her defence and just watched on as the shitshow was unfolding. Says a lot.

  3. I was hoping Amanda was not returning. She annoys me in real life.
    I stopped watching The Real when she was announced as a new co-host. Lonnie Love was already getting on my nerves but this addition here…SMH

  4. I’ve been feeling Insecure heavyyyyy! I really relate to Molly with relationships and love and stuff but my work situation is like Issa’s. Kelly is always wylin and I’m here for it, she always has me laughing.

    Friggin love this show.

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