smackin cheeks can get odell up to 6 months in jail

what was odell thinking?
why did he think this was okay?
questions beyond questions.
he smacked the tail of a security guard down in new orleans in monday:

can we font about him staring at it like a glazed ham tho?
odell must have been drunk outta his mind to do that.
it seems he might go to jail over those paws via “espn“…

New Orleans police on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. on a complaint of simple battery.

Video surfaced this week showing Beckham slapping the buttocks of a Superdome security guard in the LSU locker room after the Tigers’ national championship victory over Clemson on Monday in New Orleans.

According to records obtained by, the security guard had been telling LSU players to put out cigars in the locker room before he was slapped.

The New Orleans Police Department public affairs office confirmed that the security guard filed the complaint.

Louisiana statute defines simple battery as battery committed without the consent of the victim. Punishment in Louisiana can include a fine of no more than $1,000 and imprisonment for no more than six months, or both.

We are aware of the incident and have been in touch with Odell and his representatives on the matter,” the Browns said in a statement issued Thursday. “They are cooperating with the proper authorities to appropriately address the situation.

oh ok…

arrest warrant?
i get it,

Is it really that serious?

i know one thing:

This doesn’t help these gay rumors for odell either.

all a mess.

article cc: espn

24 thoughts on “smackin cheeks can get odell up to 6 months in jail

  1. The security guard is no longer pursuing charges the warrant has been recalled. I guess OBJ paid him off to make the case go away ? There is still the issue of OBJ handing out cash to LSU players because that’s against the NCAA rules.I don’t know what he was thinking doing that out in the open in front of cameras.

    1. He just told Odell not to put him on blast in public again. He is going to beat that security guard’s CHEEKS with his verse bottom self…in private.

  2. I can think Odell is fine as the day is long (which I do) but I am NOT going to kiss his ass, And here in this moment Odell was being a dick, plain & simple! he was antagonizing that guard, at 0:08 he evens flicks a piece of paper at the man, that shit ain’t cute, now while the guard my be a tight ass (no pun intended) the dude still got a job to do, and yes this is the beginning stages of when people with money & status start doing shit cause they’re “them” and they know they have enough money and backing to get out of it

  3. Smackin ass in sports is normal, period. Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, etc. Odell didn’t slap the guard ass, he smacked the shit outta his ass after staring at it. He definitely was feeling himself and was probably drunk. Drunk minds always let true minds come out. Its clear, Odell likes ass. Everybody just pushing this “Odell gay”, why does he have to be gay if he likes females and men booty. Maybe he bi, nothing wrong with that. This is nothing new with Odell but please stop making people completely gay because your mind only see gay and straight. There are plenty of bisexual professionals. In this video, the guard clearly wasn’t mad as the reports says. He was more accepting of that then the players lighting cigars. It definitely diffused the what was going on; that’s what players do. They make distractions. Did the guard yell at Odell, did he wave his finger like he was waving his finger about them lighting a cigar; hell no. Cleveland Browns is not about to let Odell do jail time. He getting slap with a dollar fine. That $1000 ain’t shit to Odell. Odell got lawyers who will eat that guard up so lets cut the bullshit. Blake Griffin pulled the towel boy between his legs like he wanted him to suck his dick, there is no judge that is going to convict him without the NFL or the City having something to say. This will go away by next week. That guard gonna be famous for Odell smacking his ass and he will think otherwise about them charges.

    Now for this far fetched thing he will assault and rape somebody and feel like he can’t be touched; y’all reaching. Odell cares way too much about his name and endorsements to let that even get there. If anything, he will not do anything. You know how many women have thrown pussy at him and he left. That man cares about keeping his name relevant for his antics, not for power. He may have a ego but he scary as shit when it comes to committing a crime. He not throwing his career nor his name away for that bullshit, ever! I don’t care who disagrees on that. Not everybody in sports wants to rape somebody.

    Either he gone rape somebody or he gay. Really. Odell will lock himself away from everybody and practice until he feel he ready for people to see him. The fact people talk about him, gets him off, he loves that and will continue to do things to get people talking about him. That is who Odell is, yall just want him to come out and say he gay so yall can ignore him and say I told you so and then that’s it. Everybody who came out, retired because people stop talking about them. That’s in every sport. The only people out in sports still in sports, WNBA and Sonya Deville in WWE. WWE has a lesbian wrestler and gave a lesbian storyline to two straight women, how fucked up is that. Please cut it with making people gay, if they gay, they gay, so what!

  4. LOL all of it was weird. He like really sized it up and thought about it before he tapped him…. and the way he jumped back after like a guilty 5 year old… a hoot. But still weird. All in all come on Odell, you’ve got too much money to know not to be putting your hands [first] on anyone, especially ready wypipo who clearly aint here for the shits.

  5. It’s crazy he could’ve smacked mine flip it rubbed it down ate it fuck it and it wouldn’t cost him a penny

  6. It’s a mess across the board. You can spin it however you want but you can’t be touching peoples privates without consent. There will be a settlement or if the guard is hellbent a court date. OBJ simply went too far.

    And yes I do believe he is downlow. Too many questionable moments from him.

  7. If this is how he acts with a person of authority in a crowded room, then I can only imagine how he acts when he’s alone with someone with no power.

    This is why sports stars get themselves into trouble with women because they think rules don’t apply to them, and everyone is supposed to brush shit off like it’s a joke or it’s an honor to be touched by them.

    1. I was about to say the same thing… Odell might get away with this but the way I see his future, he’s gonna sexual assault the wrong person and going to be in a lot of trouble.

  8. Yeah he was on some other shit during the entire game. This was not that serious but Odell was wildin the whole time.

  9. Tf? It really isn’t that deep. I’m sorry but I’m pulling the race card, he’s clearly being discriminated against, men in the locker room slap each other on the butt all the time, imagine filing a police report about a man slapping you in the butt 🤣 could never be me

  10. YAWN….
    1. OBJ won’t go to jail
    2. OBJ will settle and the guard will go home happy
    3. OBJ ALWAYS admires other mens ASS under the disguise of ITS A SPORTS THING
    4. ObJ IS a HOMO sexual but many people choose not to admit it because he’s OBJ and a football player AND he has beautiful women who are his beard
    5. OBJ will continue to be who he really is until he fucks with the wrong person who will draw his name in a scandal bigger than the Superbowl…..
    It’s only a matter of time 😎😎😎

  11. Yawns Men slap each other on the ass all the time in sports. If anything I think he was mocking him almost like saying STFU lmao. Folks want Odell to be gay so bad. There are still straight Men on this Earth. Odell is childish and a typical jock and maybe after this he’ll calm his goody ass down smdh. A mess but hardly worth a lawsuit. Folks stay reaching like Ciara doing the matrix

  12. I don’t like a stupid dude. Regardless of how much money he has, this brother needs to activate his common sense and use his brain! His actions makes him a fool at times, which is unfortunate.

  13. Little bit more to the story. The mall cops where threatening to throw players in jail for lighting up cigars in the locker room which happens to be tradition. In fact, you can hear the mall cop complaining about a “burn mark” in the video. Word is this particular mall cop was a little reckless in his pursuit for law and order. Me thinks OBJ tapped him on the ass to try a diffuse the situation, which from what I heard was starting to get out of hand.You noticed he tried dancing after the fact. But this particular mall cop wasn’t having it. After all lighting up a cigar after a championship game is a threat to national security.

    Some players were a little pissed about the threats from the mall cops. But seriously, assault???? White people and their feelings.

    What is more serious is OBJ giving the players money which is an NCAA violation. After all, only the NCAA can exploit…. I mean make money from games…

  14. This is gay af. The gays will defend it, though. Because when a guy is actually gay they lose interest. So saying he’s straight maintains the fantasy smh

      1. He gives me verse bottom vibes. The type to antagonize a top by smacking their cheeks or smacking a bottom after he made them have a prostate orgasm. Very taunting, teasing and playful.

        You can tell he has an inflated ego to do this to a security guard.

  15. It ain’t that deep but… *shrugs* all that gay suspect behavior he wanna do. He play too damn much Lol

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