issa rae always had the vision

i believe in the law of attraction and manifestation.
i’ve been working on “inside” by affirmations and therapy.
i think im in the midst of ascension and spiritual awakening.
it’s crazy how i’ve been thinking about doing a vision board again.
one of my creative heroes,
issa rae,
confirmed just how manifestation works on ig…


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she comes off as a master manifester to me.

this just inspired the entire fuck outta me.
i literally asked The Universe earlier for inspiration and check it.

i’ll be working on my digital vision board tomorrow.

lowkey: i’ll be putting issa on my vision board.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “issa rae always had the vision”

  1. Yes I want this for all black people, create a vision for your life and get out of your own way so it can happen. I’m working on mines at Christmas.

  2. This is what we need as we transition into 202. Even though it took seven years, she did manifest her dreams.

    Jamari: If you can provide the links the virtual vision boards, that would be great.

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