trump left the circus in an uproar and the clowns are planning a coup

someone i know said yesterday:

“I’ll vote for a Trump in heartbeat for 2k.”

another said:

“See Trump be looking out for us with the money yo.”

this is a text i literally just got while writing this:

i had to wonder what dimension i fell into.
after all that uproar in the white house over the stimmy yesterday,
with trump demanding the funds be changed to 2k,
he ghosted everyone like a typical fuck boi…

President Donald Trump has once again thrown Washington into chaos, making uneven demands that have left lawmakers baffled and Americans coping with a global pandemic uncertain when they’ll be getting long-promised financial help.

If lawmakers and White House aides can’t convince the president to sign a funding and Covid relief package by Monday, the government will enter the fourth shutdown of Trump’s presidency. And millions of Americans had been told to expect another round of direct payments from the government shortly, while businesses across the country were expecting more financial assistance.

Yet Trump left town Wednesday afternoon without saying a word about the bill, departing for his South Florida Mar-a-Lago resort, where he plans to stay through the new year. And no one seems to know what will happen next.

The sudden limbo reflects how Trump has combatively approached his final days in office. Trump’s main goal, said those close to the president and White House, is to grab attention and send a message to his base that he’s more supportive of Americans than Congress as he plots a run for reelection in 2024.

everything is at a standstill in this circus.
so folks thought they were gonna eat because of the stimmy might be shit outta luck.
it’s a shame we are in a circus with a bunch of clowns behind the wheel.

we gotta look at folk’s desire to sell their souls for money tho.
this move by trump helped change some of the minds of those who voted for biden that quick.
they heard “mo’ money” was ready to change the ballot.

This is why I was getting settled with the idea of Trump getting another term.

i had a feeling he was gonna cause havoc before he was supposed to be up and out.
this mofo probably wants revenge on the 74m who voted for biden.
once he heard a majority were black folks,
i know he wanted to send his reign of hell on the community.
i’m baffled and saddened at the news.
let’s continue to stay positive because there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

article cc: politico


12 thoughts on “trump left the circus in an uproar and the clowns are planning a coup

  1. Biden and Kamala Harris got 81 million votes, the most ever in a US presidential election. The have literally set the record, which keeps getting lost, IJS

    The House Democrats proposed and passed a stimulus bill in May 2020 that had $2000 for people + more for couples, FRFR.

    The stupid $900 billion (too small) bill was a compromise pushed by Dump’s Treasury Secretary and all the pork in the bill was what Dump supposedly wanted.

    I can’t believe people are so out of it they are still being turned by this psycho gangster clown Dump but he proves the point that you can fool a lot of the people a lot of the time.

    1. ^trump is being a bitter betty because he lost so he is punishing everyone for his ejection out the white house.
      i remember he was so against a stimulus,
      but now he wants 4,000 (latest?) per person?

      this jackal is sick.

  2. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again….Mr.Trump has something up his sleeve……He knows exactly what he’s doing…. Sneaky and can’t be trusted…

  3. To me, this is a fuck you to McConnell and the GOP because they acknowledged that Biden won the election. Trump knows that McConnell didn’t want to give any stimulus checks, but finally agreed to the $600 because of Georgia’s Senate runoff elections, which will determine who controls the Senate. Trump threw out $2,000 instead of $600 and the Democrats quickly agreed, so it left McConnell/Senate looking like the sole holdout. Now, McConnell has to either give us the $2,000 or shoulder the blame for no deal and deal with the GOP potentially losing the Georgia Senate runoffs and control of the Senate.

    I don’t know if Trump would actually sign a bill that gave $2k, but I like the idea of that asshole McConnell being caught between a rock and a hard place.

  4. Other countries have paid their citizens thousands of dollars monthly in pandemic emergency funds to stay home on top of testing out universal basic income.

    This country has proven time after time again that they only care about the wealthy… the 1%.

    When Georgia comes through (and senate turns blue) we won’t be able to recognize this country as we know it – and that’s a good thing for us Black folks and the other 99% of the country.

    2021 on will look like a Lifetime Christmas movie. Real talk.

    BTW Georgians vote! Vote blue! Vote Dem! Ossoff/Warnock!

  5. Trump and his goonies set it up so he could come forward and grand stand with the 2K to make himself look good and dog out the Dems. Check the record on the original discussion. He’s pulling out all the crooked stops!

  6. This was literally a FUCK YOU to us, you think that man gives a shit after we done voted his ass out?! HA that petty bitch did this so that everything would stand still and we wouldn’t get the money, plain & simple! Some people are SO easily fuckin fooled smh

  7. No orange bitch I’ll take a 3.00 cheack then any thing that deals with his wide wide ass please we can wait til 1/21/21 when we have a real leader period fucking hush money by felicia

  8. If anyone actually believes that’s what he’s going to do, they’re delusional. Let’s back track to earlier this year when he wouldn’t sign the countless bills Congress sent up that were gonna give us another stimulus. Then he tried to rope ppl in with promising to send more relief with a re-election win. Now that he sees (and knows) we need more money, he’s dangling this carrot like he can save himself from getting ousted next month. Ludicrous!

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