f*ck that negative energy and let’s change the perspective

i wrote something yesterday because i was in a mood.
as you know,
the foxhole serves as my journal where i vent my thoughts.
i wrote an entry called “people will disappoint you each time so why try?“.
when i woke up today and read that entry over,
i realized just how negative it was.
my spirit felt inclined to change the perspective

People CAN be a disappointment,
but we can be disappointed if we expected MORE than what they can give.

that’s my issue.
i actually really love having people in my life.
i grew up as an only child before mi.
i always dreamed of having a big family of brothers and sisters.
even though my childhood was filled with bullies and fake friends,
i still try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.
the harsh reality is as much fun you can have with someone(s),
they don’t see you the same way as you might see them.

i have many great people in my life.
people are always attracted to me and my energy.
one of the great things about me is i’m always down to meet a friend.
i always try to see the good in people.
realistically tho…

I need to always make sure I see the truth

some folks were raised right and let their experiences forests ruin them.
others were raised by shitty people and became shitty people to others.
folks can be full-fledged abusers out here because of that’s all they know.
again: not our problem.
they need to seek therapy to stop breaking others because they’re broken.
i need to continue nourishing the amazing friendships i do have,
and if i see bad behavior and red flags in others,
do not allow it to bring me down.

I am still enough.
You are still enough.
WE are still enough.

yesterday was a good day regardless of disappointment.
i wasn’t caught up being an asshole.
i didn’t hurt anyone and got exposed.
jamari fox isn’t out here destroying lives and families.
i expected more than what others could offer.
i learned and now i can love on those who love me.

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  1. You don’t have to wait until Jan 1st to manifest good things. Lord knows we should have started earlier before 2020.

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