(merry) christmas in 2020 definitely hit different

christmas in 2020,
want is it?
in my world,
today felt like any other day.
for me,
it feels like one long-ass day on a loop since the pandemic.
unless you are in the spirit,
it was any other day.

in a non-rona world,
i would have gone to have dinner with the pretty vixen.
today tho…

i stayed in bed and slept a majority of the day.
my friends and i were playing video games until 5 am.
it was needed because i haven’t been feeling 100%.

i do have a new obsession tho.
i ended up buying this game on my nintendo switch for christmas:

i didn’t think i’d be into this game as much as i have been.
i had it on gamecube,
but i played it and got bored.
i don’t have wtf happened to me in 2020,
but i’m really into this shit.
“animal crossing” is so peaceful.
it’s a game that isn’t as heavy as a “cod” or a “dead by daylight“.
it’s something you play when you want to relax.
i went over to my friend’s island today and was like:

i clearly got a lot of work to do in this game.
i needed something like this to break up all the toxic ass games i usually play.

all in all,
i hope YOU had a good christmas today foxhole!
lemme know if you got what you wanted,
even if it was just to relax.

lowkey: how was wonder woman?
i gotta watch it tomorrow or so.

Author: jamari fox

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11 thoughts on “(merry) christmas in 2020 definitely hit different”

  1. My phone stopped working which is probably for the best. Relaxed and chilled with the homie.

    Don’t make today a big thing. People should make you feel special year round, not today and Valentine’s. <3


      i read an article about how that game came out at the right time during the pandemic.
      the fact it is so realistic is what really keeps me interested.
      my friends island is so dope.
      i’m still working on mine,
      but ima hook mine tf up!!!

      this game has literally been keeping me peaceful and zen.

  2. It definitely hit differently this year…and last year my mom died at the beginning of the month. However, I had a seafood dinner that was FANTASTIC and picked up some sale pieces from Zara (aint going nowhere, tho…LOL). I was pretty satisfied at the end of the day. All while my city tried to figure out who blew up downtown…

  3. Wonder Woman was thee worst I’ve ever seen! No plot—-just all over the place. Even bad editing. Looks like they shot it with an Android phone.

  4. Glad you found a way to make some form of peace and happiness. Honestly, at this point in my life that sounds like a good day, just sleep, food & games.

    WW was kind of disappointing, definitely a fall of from the first. Pedro Pascal was the best part of it but that’s just b/c he’s a great actor. And IDK if the bad visuals was supposed to make it feel more 80’s like or what but even on my good azz TV I wasn’t feeling some parts. And it makes timeline inconsistencies and plot holes for her later appearances.

    1. ^ honestly,
      that was my days and i needed it.
      i felt burnt out.

      oh no about ww.
      my friend said it was a lot of talking and less action compared to the first.
      ayi yi yi i’ll definitely check it out soon.

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