(merry) christmas in 2020 definitely hit different

christmas in 2020,
want is it?
in my world,
today felt like any other day.
for me,
it feels like one long-ass day on a loop since the pandemic.
unless you are in the spirit,
it was any other day.

in a non-rona world,
i would have gone to have dinner with the pretty vixen.
today tho…

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christmas can be the roughest time of year

it’s no secret this holiday season has been tough for me.
my energy levels have been at an all time low.
i’ve been sleeping on and off all day.

My bawdy needed it

i been everywhere these last few weeks.
for lunch/dinner,
i did something different…

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the most wonderful day of the year? (merry christmas)

for those who are wrapped up in the spirit of christmas
for those who are having a un-happy holiday
those who don’t give a damn
i’d like to font

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Merry ’17

merry christmas foxhole.
ya know,
i have to font,
that one of the greatest gifts i have ever gotten…
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so i booked maravilla for my special christmas “meat” posting.
he decided to do a little dance for ya to start your day off right…
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Are You Having A Merry Foxholey Christmas?


merry christmas!
i hope you got everything you wished for.
you always give me everything i asked for with your support.
thank you!

love always,
jamari fox

lowkey: i’m nosy.
what did you get this year for ’15 christmas?

picture credited: codibear