tiffany from insecure better not leave the script because the akas will jump her

i knew tiffany,
the character played by amanda seales on insecure,
was an aka (alpha kappa alpha) but it never defined her character to me.
i didn’t even know the 4 characters went to stanford tbh.
even though tiffany brings the bougie energy between the 4,
she isn’t someone that i pay too much attention to.
from what i know,
they never disrespected the aka organization on the show.
the akas (and the whole greek life) is having a fit now because aka “revolt“…

During the episode, Seales, who plays Tiffany DuBois, was seen sporting what appeared to be official Greek paraphernalia from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., which Tiffany is a member of on the show, However, the “Small Doses: Potent Truths for Everyday Use” author is not a sister of the sorority, which prompted backlash from several people — including real AKAs.

it got to the point that amanda seales had to address the backlash:


you would think tiffany dragged the aka organization in the show or something.

Is it wrong that I didn’t even notice?

…or cared?
some of these folks act like they are in a legit gang.
i mean,
if we’re gonna go there,
their alleged hazing rituals give off…
never mind.
i think they are being silly af.
it’s really not that serious.
they should be flattered the organization was even used within the show.
 issa even responded as well:

isn’t gizelle bryant an aka on a reality show on full ratchet?
if folks are gonna police this,
then they need to start policing everything else on tv.
everyone is gonna have an attitude about everything.

people just wanna be mad about something these days and not the real important shit.

lowkey: even though i rolled my eyes at this,
i think some greek males are hot.

article cc: revolt

20 thoughts on “tiffany from insecure better not leave the script because the akas will jump her

  1. Is it that serious… yeah it is. Its mainly legal issues more than anything. AKA isn’t just some Sorority or a name anybody can just say oh let’s use this. Anything with Greek Letters is trademarked. Gucci may not be AKA but until AKA can trademark pink and green like T-Mobile Magenta, UPS Brown, or Barbie Pink, anybody can wear the color combination. Purple and Gold can’t get trademarked by the Que’s (Omega Psi Phi) because the NBA Lakers use the same colors. The deal is with Tiffany and not Molly mainly because they said Tiffany had on the actual cress, shield and letters. If HBO and Issa didn’t get official approval then a big lawsuit will be filed by the Sorority and that first episode will either get edited or deleted after the lawsuit. Kids of Greek parents, can only wear something affiliated with them if its an event. Like the colors. When you put those letters on you and you are not affiliated with them, shit gets real real quick. When AKA find their proof that it was legal they will send them a notice that it was approved and this will all go away. If they find they didn’t get approval, its definitely going to hurt HBO and Issa pockets. Amanda being Amanda, she had to say something. I want to say that is what sparked the backlash. If she never would have said anything and let HBO deal with it, this wouldn’t be an issue. Most fans of the show don’t like her anyway so anything she says they have a problem with. I’m pretty sure its not the show. They been waiting how long for this season to come out, it’s definitely Amanda they have a problem with.

  2. I dont see the big deal personally. Its not like the character Tiffany gave them a negative portrayal or something that looks bad on the AKAs. Honestly, I got turned off from any Black Greek fraternal organizations. I was a freshman at my PWI I attended and they were trying to start a Que chapter there. A couple of friends and I were invited to other HBCUS in Maryland and Virginia by upperclassmen. Someone spread some rumor around about me being LGBTQ even though I wasnt out at that time or super flamboyantly feminine. Im built like a linebacker and no one ever suspected anything until that one big mouthed girl who I thought was my friend started saying stuff behind my back. Next thing I know, I wasn’t being told about the next meetups. Id find out everyone went on another meeting and I wasnt invited. When I asked my “friends” about it, they didn’t say anything to me. Eventually, they just stopped speaking to me. So yeah, they can keep their homophobia and bullshit. Miss me with all that.

    1. There are soooo many gay frat members…

      Hell, Funky Dineva is an Alpha, and he ain’t never been nobody’s dl.

      1. Maybe I shouldnt met up with the Alphas then cuz these Que folks wasnt even trying to give me the benefit of the doubt when it came to the “rumors”

  3. I’m not sure what the uproar is? Plenty of Greeks don’t gaf. Tiffany and Molly, fictional characters, probably represent the organization better than many of the ones I’ve run into and through in real life.

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  5. Black greek here. Not upset about this at all. This is a TV SHOW, a fictional character, and the portrayal was not negative. The D9 continue to do good work within our communities but there is SO MUCH MORE we could be giving our attention to than this. If I’m not mistaken, Molly and Tiffany were presented as AKAs earlier in the series. I saw no evidence of malice or disrespect in the portrayal.

  6. ^ i know once you join the organization,
    you are set for life.
    at my last job,
    many kappas in higher positions looked out for the younger kappas.
    once you join,
    you are legit connected to this global network of people.
    they can help you with jobs and other benefits…

    but all this nonsense with a character on tv is a little much.

    1. What people go through to get in, scared me. So I personally don’t think it’s worth it. Very cult-ish.

      And they’re bored. Pay them no mind. You’d think they were the Illuminati with all that clickety clacking keyboard thuggery. They don’t run ish.

      1. @Seli They are not freaks. Whoever warned you not to join probably tried, was not fit to represent, was seen for who he/she truly is, and is now salty. Sounds like a dodged bullet for the sorority or fraternity. It is absolutely worth it. You cannot speak about them from the outside or if you have no degree of association. And newsflash they do “run ish”. The vice president of the most powerful country in the world is what?—Let me help you, she is a proud member of ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA SORORITY INNNNNNCORRRRRRRPORATED!

        1. I was with you until “was seen for who he/she truly is”,

          So because a fraternity/sorority rejected you, you are somehow less than ?

          I swear only in the US because nobody around the world actaully cares.

          Network and connections are fine but you can have that without it, because this mentality is a lil toxic.

          Don’t let your value be determined by a group a strangers who don’t know anything about you

        2. You DO know about hazing, right?

          You DO know about people in power who abuse it on weak minded people who want to fit in, right?

          You sound like a soldier saying the military only helps people. 🙄

  7. Jamari, these “Greeks” are FUHREAKS!

    I was warned not to join and that’s all I’ll say.

      1. As the son of both an AKA and a Kappa, it is a BIG deal. Behind the scenes there is most likely a lawsuit pending. Jamari, think of it this way; if someone used your brand to build their own brand and was not given prior authorization would you be cool with it? It is not “silly af”, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority INCORPORATED is a corporation. It’s more than just throwing on “pink and green gucci clothes”. When it comes to utilizing the logo, actual members are formally discouraged from even wearing paraphernalia purchased from vendors that have not been authorized by the sorority. You and others may not agree or understand and that’s fine, but HBO is in the wrong and I guarantee they will never do it again.

        1. Where is the big deal again?!? ‘Insecure’ is not ‘building their brand’ off of a character being an AKA. Boosie’s idot hoodrat ass didn’t even get this much flack for wearing Kappa paraphernalia, but yall are mad about free HBO exposure. Ppl out here dying from covid left n right, but ‘greeks’ are mad about a fictional character. They need to do better and go find some business.

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