They Shoulda Left The Best Man At The Altar!


so the best man has got to be one of my favorite black movies.
this right here:


tumblr_lwhjxy5IpA1qk3yypo1_500 lance sullivan.
baller wolf.
that sexual chocolate bar was so perfect to me.
when he was crying at the altar,
you could as well of handed him my drawz.
so when i heard they were making a sequel,
i seriously laughed.
i mean they ain’t stupid than to ruin a classic, right?
they were serious af.
it’s called “the best man holiday” and they released the teaser…


are they serious???
i literally booed.
i’m all for black actors getting work,
but is this really it????
maybe you may feel differently.
judging from the teaser…

would you pay to go see it?

lowkey: for those who never watched the original:

x watch the best man here

continue as free user.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “They Shoulda Left The Best Man At The Altar!”

  1. Uh uh don’t hate on the best man 2 Jamari. I’m excited! Malcolm D Lee will not disappoint! Soooo ducking excited!

  2. Let’s all be grateful that there are some great African American Films out this year. We need this. There was a period where we had some great films and then it fell off. I am so glad this year is going great for black films.

    “The Butler” ( based on a true story)
    “Baggage Claim”

    Let’s see what else this year brings us…..

    Let’s stay positive. We cannot complain about not having any good films out there but then want to critique to death when they do come out… Just saying

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