Morris Chestnut Gets The Best of Us Again

the-best-man-holiday640i thought morris chestnut was the finest thing in the best man.
he played a typical baller wolf who had changed his ways once he met his fiance.
you know how much that turned me on!!!???
well morris really let himself go.
his lips went from pink to “oh you smoke now obviously”.
checking for him not.
well he in the upcoming sequel of the best man called “best man holiday”.
morris did some working out and lost 30lbs for the role.
like so:

552104_10152668199350075_2001456586_n the end result landed in november muscle and performance magazine.

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They Shoulda Left The Best Man At The Altar!


so the best man has got to be one of my favorite black movies.
this right here:


tumblr_lwhjxy5IpA1qk3yypo1_500 lance sullivan.
baller wolf.
that sexual chocolate bar was so perfect to me.
when he was crying at the altar,
you could as well of handed him my drawz.
so when i heard they were making a sequel,
i seriously laughed.
i mean they ain’t stupid than to ruin a classic, right?
they were serious af.
it’s called “the best man holiday” and they released the teaser…

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