Morris Chestnut Gets The Best of Us Again

the-best-man-holiday640i thought morris chestnut was the finest thing in the best man.
he played a typical baller wolf who had changed his ways once he met his fiance.
you know how much that turned me on!!!???
well morris really let himself go.
his lips went from pink to “oh you smoke now obviously”.
checking for him not.
well he in the upcoming sequel of the best man called “best man holiday”.
morris did some working out and lost 30lbs for the role.
like so:

552104_10152668199350075_2001456586_n the end result landed in november muscle and performance magazine.

everyone that’s 44.
groomed and well seasoned.
with that being said:

faint-1even tho he doesn’t look like this anymore:

Screen Shot 2013-11-01 at 9.24.43 PM…i bet he smelled like fresh baked bread,
the snuggle teddy bear,
and a brand new mattress.

moist immediately.
yeah i wouldn’t turn him down.
some of the best wolves are older and seasoned.
the best man holiday comes out nov 15th.

lowkey: i’m about to watch the ( x the best man ) again,
along with ( x brothers ),
and ( x two can play that game ).
yup and you are too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “Morris Chestnut Gets The Best of Us Again”

  1. Can’t lie. Yes, will now watch all three tonight…or a least skim through to the “good” parts. Damnit, Jamari! I had stuff to do tonight…

    1. ^hell the good parts for me is when morris was on the screen.

      best man: morris scenes + (when he was playing cards and him crying) >>>>
      brothers: morris scenes + (especially when he was rolling around on that bed with gabz) >>>>
      two can play that game: vivica and morris scenes + (every damn scene) >>>>

      looks like you’ll be home tonight alan.

  2. Wow blk men age wonderfully. This is why I am using petroleum jelly, baby oil, shea butter and cocoa butter plus working out to keep me young and handsome too. I am 21 so I am doing it now then later.

  3. Not like a older well seasoned Black man who keeps himself up. Being that I am treading dangerously close to this territory, I say hats off to him and any man past 40 who eats right, works out and takes his health seriously. He looks awesome. Not a fan of his even but proud of his work-out ethic and his dedication to look good on screen. On another note, does anyone know how tall this dude is or have seen him in person, heard he was mad short, just curious.

  4. Morris does not look good anymore. He doesn’t do it for me like he used to, if I wales passed him in the st I wouldn’t take a second look, now that Mr.Diggs can get it anyway of the week, short n beefy

    1. *smacks run in the back of the head* LOL What you mean he don’t look good anymore? That’s a good looking 44. I hope I still look good when I’m that age.

  5. Morris tightened that body up. He can still get the pipe.

    The white guy in the movie, Eddie Cibrian is the real winner tho. Love his fine ass. DAMN. I’ll take him over any of the other men in the cast.

  6. Morris still looking good and sexy to me!!! He’s the original sexual chocolate!! Dez Bryant is the new sexual chocolate!! Sexy Dez has the edge, but Morris can still get it!!!

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