was common out here trying to allegedly sexually assault jaguar wright?

one thing i’ve learned about social media,
and the industry:

It’s not the place to find friends

now that isn’t saying you can’t meet someone(s) cool in those places,
and eventually they can become your friends after a heavy screening,
but you gotta be real careful with how folks move.
if not,
you’ll be carrying around high expectations and catchin’ “L”s each time.
i remember jaguar wright from off jay-z “unplugged” album.
her voice is magical,
her first album wasn’t as good,
she was in a commercial

…and then she just upped and vanished.
well she’s back and had recent smoke for all the neo-soul folks she fucked with.
the roots,
erykah badu,
and jill scott,
but what she alleges about common


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You know what 😩😩 Y’all believe her? 👀

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this was me with all those allegations flying towards my head:

not mr. biceps!
you know i love me some biceps and common has a nice set on him,
but if the alleged is true,
i’m prepared to throw him in the trash.
i wonder how tiffany haddish feels after all this info came out.
she confirmed her and common been fuckin:


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TNHT Intern: @prvncess.ash_ _________________________________________________ Y’all there is love in the neighborhood. Tiffany Haddish finally confirmed that is she in fact dating rapper Common. We already knew sis we were just waiting on you. _____________________________________ The actress was quizzed about her romance during an interview for Steve O’s Wild Ride when she revealed that she is in the best relationship that she has ever been in. _____________________________________ She also added that she has lost 20 pounds since they’ve been together. “I feel more confident in me and it’s not him that’s doing it. I’m just way happier and it’s like knowing I got somebody that cares about me, that really has my back. It seems like he does anyways. And I love it. I love him.” Said Haddish. _____________________________________ When asked how Common likes her new look she said I’ve been talking about cutting my hair for years… he said it was beautiful. He’s like, “Wow, you did it man. You’ve got a lot of courage. You look so beautiful. I love it.” These two are just so cute. But now all we wanna know is do we hear wedding bells Tiff?

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common of her.
no pun intended.

i’m gotta say that i’m shocked.
i def wouldn’t have expected to hear this about common.
i’m waiting for his response.
either way,
he will look guilty if he speaks or stays silent.
i know one thing:

Jaguar is carrying around a lot of hurt.

from all of her videos,
she is still holding onto other things from a long time ago.
i was in her shoes before,
but i had to let that all out of my system.
it will hold you back.
she needs to start healing so she can let go of all that is troubling her.
it seems like she thought all these folks were her people at one point.
weed and ranting on ig aren’t therapy.
who knew this was all going on in the neo soul realm?

2020 is exposing too much.

lowkey: this is all a mess…


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we are in the era where people have platforms now.
this is gonna get interesting.

( x see her ig for more videos here )

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “was common out here trying to allegedly sexually assault jaguar wright?”

  1. For me, there’s no reason NOT to believe her, just Because Common is all “Neo Soul, good vibes” does not mean he isn’t a man! Now of coarse there’s a lot of context that needs to be Specified, like where they in a Relationship? Was that the first sexual encounter they’d had? He would be WRONG either way but atleast we would be able to get a sense of whether he was A) A monster that sexually assaulted a women he didn’t even know or B) A misogynist that completely abused his Girlfriends right to chose just cause she had possibly been consenting before

    1. Is this neo-soul? The way she was cussing like a sailor, saying nigga and her attitude doesn’t come off like neo-soul. It’s the Same with Musiq Soulchild cheating and multiple baby mamas, India Arie and Jill Scott nasty attitudes it’s like damn none of you are the calm mellow people that your images portrays.

      1. ^ive heard so much stories about jill!!!!
        it makes me sad.
        i was told she is only like that to other women tho.
        she is different when it comes to men (allegedly).

        alicia was the light skin wonder in that movement and that alleged side chick/blended family behavior sort of tainted her.

        did anyone come out that neo soul movement without any issues?

    2. ^something tells me they might have been fuckin’ around and he was comfortable trying to stick his dick in her mouth.

      if that isn’t the case,
      he is sick.

      1. hmm, at the end of the day these are people. people are people. everyone is shady and rude from time to time. I don’t know Jill or Erykah but being sexual is no one’s business and being mean to people you don’t like is human. I am more upset with jaguar for trying to slut shame Jill and Erykah. who they fuck with is their business.
        the common thing is definitely not a good look. I wonder what the context was. was this morning sex gone wrong or an assault?

  2. I believe her (and not just about Common). It seems he was tryna holler at her (from her describing keeping her clothes on when going to sleep). I mean, there’s no reason to lie – she knows these people. And traumatic events have a way of crystalizing things.

  3. She alot about alotta folks. When she said Erykah was messing around on Common and didn’t know who the baby’s father was, I truly gagged and when she said who gets on to become a statistic I decided to shut it off and go to sleep!!!

  4. Obvious it must’ve been consensual because if you claim you are a rape survivor and you see the signs, why did you continue to stay there. UBER may not have existed back then but mobile phones and cabs did. Call a cab. Yet you still stayed there after he put his dick in your face. You had to be fucking him if you was comfortable staying at his house if you had your own house and a clear mind that something didn’t feel right. Why stay there and he just put his dick in your face. Clearly you been sucking enough for him to get that close with you. She telling everything a man does with his woman. Like nobody paid attention, when did she get up and leave after she sucked his dick or before he busted. If you got a man dick in your mouth and he not in a threatening position, bite his dick. He put his dick all in her mouth and she even said he was slapping it on her face. Yet you went back to sleep curled up and kept this information for years well after Bill Cosby got locked up for “allegedly” doing the same thing!

  5. This reminded me of Truth Hurts. Time to go back through the R&B Rolodex. I wish life was a Luke Cage sultry jazz lounge based on that commercial. I love us for real.

    Believe Black women. The first thing we need to do is stop saying “Not (ATTRACTIVE BLACK CELEBRITY) They would never” Exactly. They use good looks and charisma as a “nobody will ever believe you. The world loves me”. But the world doesn’t KNOW them. They’re human and VERY fallible. I heard some things about several Black celebrities who have MeTooed ONLY Black women. Why? They’re not valued and often dismissed.

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