kneeling for the national anthem is dumb af?

do you believe in magic?
do you believe in the power of your ancestors?
according to twitter,
jonathan issac of the orlando magic might start believing pretty soon.
he chose not to kneel with the other baller wolves during the national anthem.
this happened:

i was discussing the situation in texts with the pretty vixen and this was her thoughts

i usually have great debates with her,
but i had to agree with her opinion.
so i wanted to find out something right quick from the foxhole…

Do you agree or disagree with The Pretty Vixen in regards to kneeling for the national anthem?

lemme know.


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13 thoughts on “kneeling for the national anthem is dumb af?”

  1. I don’t agree. Visibility is important. The athletes are being paid for a service, they are not begging for a check. Case in point, if LeBron was a talented musician but had aspirations of playing basketball and did not possess the skill set. Yet he knew the owner of the Lakers because they play a pickup game or two on the weekends, asked him to put him on the team. Now, because the owner knew LeBron could play street ball ok and put him on the team because of his association/height and LeBron sucked against the professionals and he BEGGED to stay on the team. That is when her scenario have some substance to stand on. I say all that to say Black Lives Matter. 👑✊🏾😘

  2. I know I will get dragged for this.. But if you are Black and have different view from the “masses” Something is wrong with you.. Not to get political and not talking about the current Cheetos in the White House. What is wrong if a Black person has the same views as a Republican. Yeah something is wrong him/here right… I think as Blacks … We need to have a talk with each other first. Its needed.. Sorry.. I’ll end here.. I can go on and on.. but… it makes me sad.

    1. well the issue a lot of times is one of inconsistencies in logic. a lot of conservative black people will say Trump is good for black people but Obama was terrible. the issue is that their are two different standards. what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. if Obama did a “A” and it is bad, then Trump doing “A” is bad too.

      also black Republicans end up condoning social injustice issues because they they agree with the Republican economic platform. ex: log cabin Republicans have to ignore the republicans antigay agenda because they like their economic platform.

  3. I disagree with your friend. we love in a society run by white men. it’s changing but very slowly. most of us work for a company with a white man at the top. therefore quitting doesn’t make a lot of sense.
    the big names in sports are popular and have influence, but everyone is replaceable. there are hundreds are talented athletes killing themselves to make it to the pros. the NBA wouldnt miss a beat if LeBron quit.

  4. “You cannot complain to your opressor while still begging them for a check.” Exactly!

    They can leave, but I doubt most of them will give up the money, lifestyle, and reputation. You can’t expect correctness in a currupted industry.

    It’s all about integrity.
    You can’t play for both teams. So yeah, I see the hypocrisy, too.

    1. Umm that statement itself is a hypocrisy. White people run America and 90 percent of us are collecting a check from our oppressor, so does that mean we should stop fighting and shut up, or should we all quit our jobs?

      That’s a dumb ass statement and no disrespect Jamari she’s probably first generation American, just like Jonathan Isaac so I don’t expect for people like that to understand. It’s always the first generation Africans or Caribbeans tryin to talk down on how us African-Americans protest, that’s what I don’t like. The reason why THEY were able to immigrate in the first place is because of Africans Americans protesting and fighting for injustice.

      People like that need to be quiet, it’s offensive to us that have been over here for several generations that fought and escaped from slavery.

      1. Please don’t throw all immigrants into one big category. I know plenty of Africans and Caribbeans who are in full solidarity with the BLM movement and taking a knee, so let’s please keep it respectful.

  5. It’s really hard for us people of color. Steve Harvey and Monique, there issue’s can almost be put in the category.

  6. Nope ya kneel or sit face it this sad song wasn’t created for people of color and they know it it’s not our song

  7. Yeah i don’t agree with the vixen either.

    “If yo don’t like it, then quit” sounds a lot like “if you don’t like it here (in the US) then go back to Africa”

    We can’t expect people to quit their jobs to further a protest. We all have to eat. We all have to live and provide for our families.

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