iPic, Pose, and Ocean’s 8

as you know last weekend,
i was down in the dumps,
so i met up with pose and her girlfriend to see “ocean’s 8”.
i actually bought my ticket for it weeks ago.
i loved all the ocean’s movies,
especially ocean’s 11 with brad pitt,
but i wanted to see what the all female cast had to offer.
rihanna was in it so of course i was going.
pose and i wanted this movie experience to be special because of it.
i know.
we’re dorks.
we didn’t want to do amc,
or magic johnson this go round.
nope foxhole.
we decided to do “ipic”

…and boy,
did i get turned out.
“ipic” is a luxury movie theater,
located over at the south street seaport,
that offers fine dining right at your seat.
i never been in that area before,
but i really liked the vibe down there.
you press a button at your table and they serve you.
they have staff that brings your food and drinks right to you.
a new level of lazy,
i know.
they even give you a complimentary popcorn,
and a blanket.
it was really something i can see myself indulging in more often.
the ticket was 32 dollars,
a couple dollars down from my regular imax prices,
but the food was like any average restaurant quality pricing.
( x see ipic’s menu )
i had to question if i’d ever do amc again after going there.
i’d say ipic is the perfect place to take a date you want to impress.
the pods are very intimate.
i had to share mine with a very large older snow bunny,
but she didn’t give me any smoke about the table we had to shared.

as for the movie,
i really enjoyed it.
i was locked in from the very beginning.
the plot was pretty easy to understand.

debbie ocean (sandra bullock) is a thief who was released from prison.
why she was in there was a scandal all in it’s own.

her brother was danny ocean,
who was played by george clooney in the ocean’s movies.
as soon as she got out,
she wasn’t trying to get some “9-5”.
she was trying to get rich.
so what she did?

she gathered a group of other criminals to rob the met gala.

even kim k was in it.
kim kardashian.
as with the other ocean’s movies,
it had drama and comedy mixed nicely together.
i thought everyone did good in their roles.
i’m pretty much a fan of most of the actresses.
i never saw anything with cate blanchett,
but she made me a believer.
mindy was pretty good,
even though she had little lines.
rihanna played herself,
but she did a damn good job doing it.
i wanted a little more from her tho.
i thought the stand out was anne hathaway.
she kinda stole the movie for me,
in my honest opinion.
it doesn’t take away from the others because they did great.
i really enjoyed myself and would actually watch it again.
i’d say for the foxhole to check it out.
you don’t need to do “ipic”,
but it’d be nice.

x check out the ipic website here

2 thoughts on “iPic, Pose, and Ocean’s 8

  1. Cate Blanchett is the truth
    She is literally the greatest actress of her generation.
    You should see Blue Jasmine, Carol, Notes on a Scandal, I’m Not There and Elizabeth.
    She is phenomenal

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