The Filters Couldn’t Mask The Stench of Racism and Cheap Beer

these filters be dangerous.

so i know the foxhole heard about tabitha “tabbie” duncan.
she hails from the state of missouri.
she is/was in the us air force,
had a ton of jobs,
and was an *snicker* aspiring model.
well she got caught up on “snapchat” doing this:

you see how he legit just lied to her?
with friends like that
well she got exposed and is pretty much banished.
so what she do?
she wants ya’ll to accept her apology AND get funded as well.
she allegedly set up a “gofundme” and foxhole…

she looks different in that photo too!
the sorcery in on epic levels!
look all that reads:

she better dye her hair and go look for a sugar daddy.
i’m sure there is a red neck hick willing to move her into his trailer.
she is real bold.
if anyone believes her,
they are truly stupid.
of course:

am i the only one who cringes when i see “one of us” doing this?
where is the sense of pride with some of our people?
that she jackal literally cosigned that she was HUNTING FOR US.
if they caught some poor black person on that dirt road,
who knows what would have happened.
if the roles was reversed,
he would throw a black vixen straight into a volcano.
update: as of recent,
her campaign has been removed from “gofundme”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

4 thoughts on “The Filters Couldn’t Mask The Stench of Racism and Cheap Beer”

  1. Lmao @ mulatto. What year century is this? The funny thing is that they still think that the “n” word still packs the same punch it did 50-100 years ago. We still have a long way to go, but we aren’t the scared blacks of yesteryear. Hence why they feel threatened and now emboldened to still ignorantly behave this way. How sad.

  2. These folks are a mess and I’m going to include some Latinos that identify as White also because some of them think they are above blacks too.

    We may not be scared of them but that doesn’t stop them from killing us and getting away with it.

    These folks don’t care about Black people, they just want to absorb the Black culture and delete the race associated with it.

    Folks will call me racist and IDC but I don’t date whites and I don’t trust the majority them… They are sneaky beings that do only three things, steal, kill and destroy and they do it through psychological manipulation.
    They act just like the serpent in the Garden of Eden.

    They also want to conquer everythang from land, to the deep sea and the far reaches of space but eh…it Is what it is.

    Consequently, I don’t trust every black person either or any race for that matter but White people (especially the women) will laugh in your face on the job and be setting you up to get fired or cancelled in no time.

    I remember one pale racist mop tried to set me up once but what she didn’t know was, I was seven steps ahead of her while she was still trying to find the tracks and her planned failed.

    All I can tell Blacks (of any race) is to be careful around some of them. I didn’t say ALL of them but be cautious. They’d kill you as fast as you’d blink if they could throughly get away with it. I’m sure some Blacks will protest that their Barbara or Hunter would never think such a thing, but you’d be surprise what really goes on up in those pigeon nests.

    Side note: What is that black man talking about? She didn’t do anything dumb. She just showed who she really was.

    If the nature of this story is all true…it’s a shame

  3. why didn’t she have that passion to ‘better’ herself before she got exposed? buhbye raggedy Ann

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