I Want To See Me When We’re Having Sex

there is a darker skinned vixen i know who bagged a fine light wolf at a past job.
i mean,
he was fine.
muscular and looked like he should have had over 10k followers on his ig.
the crazy part is he fucked and slandered his clone,
a light skin vixen with #bawdygoals,
but the darker skinned vixen had him hooked.
she wasn’t even all that attractive,
nor did she have a bawdy all like that.
she had a way with words and her swagg was insane.
this was a few years ago,
but i think they’re still together.
it’s different with the straights?
in this life of gays,
i’ve seen all kinds of “mismatches”,
but i’ve also seen clones of one self in dating.
they both pretty much look the same.
i saw the following scroll down my twitter today.
it led to an interesting discussion

i’ve seen larger foxes with attentionisto types.
the slim pairing with the muscular or larger.
i’ve even seen the forbidden “dark and light” combo.
online tho,
i’ve seen clones of each other.
which isn’t bad,
but it doesn’t give much hope and sets unhealthy ideals.
maybe i’m wrong,
but i feel like real life is different than social media.
the land of bbc pairings,
muscle on muscle,
and “even our pets together will be lighter”.
you can’t always fight attraction.
opposites do attract.
some folks out here are charming,
and radiate tremendous sex energy to get anyone.
i’ve been worn down by wolves who weren’t my “fantasy”,
but could talk me straight out my boxers.
i’ve dealt with wolves who i thought wouldn’t want me as well.
again: this was before folks could order their meat from off social media apps.
things have changed,
but i do feel if you met half these folks offline,
you could bag them if got game and are intriguing.
so i had to ask the foxhole when it comes to your dating preferences:

Do you pick your clone or do you like variety?

lowkey: would you say these two were clones?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “I Want To See Me When We’re Having Sex”

  1. whenever I see a gay couple that look dead on each other, it’s weird to me Lol. it’s almost like a stunt. sometimes I feel like it’s done for popularity, like the ‘it’ couple.

    I like variety though, on all levels.

    1. ^it seems very boring.
      i like when i see a couple with two different “looks”.
      it means you accepted someone different for who they are.
      the clone thing plays it safe.

  2. Im skin light do to my mixed blood white and black.but im always attratc to dark men.not just black i love them dark like my black cofee.like idris elba,my boyfriend right now has a djimon hounsou skin .whrn is dark dick chock my light hole or his body on mine we are so beautiful on pictures too
    so i like variety
    but on love who care important is to be in love and happy

  3. I was minding my business baking some catfish and multigrain whole wheat bread because Jesus feed the multitude and I noticed this thread. Im not even gonna lie. Yall know I usally roll my eyes at lite brights but that video at the top turned me on. I had to turn the stove down and drink some aloe chai berryroot tea extract from Thailand.

    Baby, I played that back several times and was licking my own lips when that boy licked his ear. He can get it with that kinda passion…

    Anywho, back to the reality of my placid life, ya know I’ve noticed this as well. That image of Tyrone and Johnell is a good comparison because I’ve seen a vid or two of them and can never tell them apart, even though one of them have tats they just both look like muscle bots. I do think they are sexy together though.

    The last couple are super cute. I like them a lot from the pic…even though I know I only an instance of their life..I love what they are giving. They are perfect for each other.

    Sometimes these carbon copies are relationship goals from an online view and don’t last long in the real world because it’s all about image and living for the moment….and they are in and out of relationships like a straight man at Blatino Oasis.

    It kinda reminds me of how gay pornstars hook up with each other and stuff sometimes…hmmm i wonder…

    I’ll probably end up like the first vid…I love chocolate Oreos but some lite bright will lick me on my ear I’ll be eating vanilla wafers for the rest of my life…I know it.

    As far as guys…I like em clean cut. I tend to be clean cut myself. I like em with the cute look like Trey but I don’t like em pretty..lol
    My best friend told me that since I’m a house boy and have a hidden liking for street niggas back in the day…(Damn I’m talking like I was born in the 60s)

    But a dude has to be able to make me smile and laugh more than anything though and consistently if I’m going to like him and he has to have a mouth on him..i love witty men.

    Same for females as well. Relateble, refined women are attractive…loud, bitchy ones aren’t.

    We don’t need to take pics and post nothing on social media for anyone to see. I don’t care about any likes or hearts but his and i will treat him like a king and I expect the same but if he mess me over I’mma fuk him up…

    Lord…I’m having Angela Basset Waiting to Exhale flashbacks….let me log out..

    1. Is it true that Kellon and his boyfriend broke up? I know they were together for awhile. They make such a great couple.

    2. I have seen a few clone couples in real life gay and straight. I always wonder is it a Prince/Vanity situation? “Shrugs” to each they own.

  4. Kellon and Khaleel broke up last year in November or December they were togther off and on for about 9 years.Apparently they share custody of their dog,Kane because I’ve seen both of them with the dog on their InstaStory multiple times this year.

    Somebody posted a few of Johnnell and Tyrone Only Fans’ videos on Pornhub and I can’t really tell them apart.But I know Johnnell is the bottom in the videos because I remember watching an IG live and he said Tyrone never bottoms.

  5. I thought this kinda funny until I thought about it. I am Light Brown skinned, 5’9″, 158 lbs. Never dated anyone my size or color. I am attracted to very Dark, Very tall slim, men with bow legs and pigeon toed! Now you have trying to figure out why!

  6. I’m here for the “clone” couples %1000.

    I guess I’m one of the few that can’t really stand quasi-hetero match-ups.

  7. The couple in that video aren’t together anymore something to do w/ the lighter one possibly cheating. I saw the darker skinned dudes social media mention this.

    I honestly have never dated my twin most guys I date are either somewhat close or not close at all. My tastes are weird like that

  8. I was guilty of this during my college years. We even wore each other’s clothing on occasion. 😣

    As I matured I discovered guys with different body types and skin tones. I am now liberated from dating/smashing clones.

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