I Want To See Me When We’re Having Sex

there is a darker skinned vixen i know who bagged a fine light wolf at a past job.
i mean,
he was fine.
muscular and looked like he should have had over 10k followers on his ig.
the crazy part is he fucked and slandered his clone,
a light skin vixen with #bawdygoals,
but the darker skinned vixen had him hooked.
she wasn’t even all that attractive,
nor did she have a bawdy all like that.
she had a way with words and her swagg was insane.
this was a few years ago,
but i think they’re still together.
it’s different with the straights?
in this life of gays,
i’ve seen all kinds of “mismatches”,
but i’ve also seen clones of one self in dating.
they both pretty much look the same.
i saw the following scroll down my twitter today.
it led to an interesting discussion

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