Beyonce Is Bringing Some (Extra) Baggage On Her New Tour!

so beyonce is back with a big surprise.
well someone allegedly leaked it on ticket master first,
but this is the actual official announcement.

she announced that shes going on tour with jay on her ig.
it’s left me wondering

…why are they doing “this” again?
are they gonna merge “lemonade” and “4:44” together?
and if so,
didn’t she just have twins?
why is this happening?

i don’t even know if i’d want a joint album,
but we already know it’s on the way.
i can see a surprise album from them dropping by next month.
i bet you.
jay is cool and all,
but i’d rather see her alone.
i’m always down for a beyonce tour.
she had me turned out at the one i went to.
his philandering disrespect to her lowkey has turned me off from him.
i guess strike while the iron is hot,

lowkey: this is where this is all happening in the usa…

25 July — Cleveland, OH @ FirstEnergy Stadium

28 July — Washington, DC @ FedEx Field

30 July — Philadelphia, PA @ Lincoln Financial Field

2 Aug — E. Rutherford, NJ @ MetLife Stadium

5 Aug — Boston, MA @ Gillette Stadium

8 Aug — Minneapolis, MN @ US Bank Stadium

10 Aug — Chicago, IL @ Soldier Field

13 Aug — Detroit, MI @ Ford Field

18 Aug — Buffalo, NY @ New Era Field

23 Aug — Nashville, TN @ Vanderbilt Stadium

25 Aug — Atlanta, GA @ Mercedes Benz Stadium

29 Aug — Orlando, FL @ Camping World Stadium

31 Aug — Miami, FL @ Hard Rock Stadium

11 Sept — Arlington, TX @ AT&T Stadium

13 Sept — New Orleans, LA @ Mercedes-Benz Superdome

15 Sept — Houston, TX @ NRG Stadium

19 Sept — Phoenix, AZ @ University of Phoenix Stadium

22 Sept — Los Angeles, CA @ Rose Bowl

27 Sept — San Diego, CA @ SDCCU Stadium

29 Sept — Santa Clara, CA @ Levi’s Stadium

2 Oct — Vancouver, BC @ BC Place

if i decided to head over to nj to see it,
if i’m not in one of the front rows on that field,
i ain’t going.

i don’t do nose bleeds at a stadium.

x get your tickets here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Beyonce Is Bringing Some (Extra) Baggage On Her New Tour!”

      1. It’s the prequel to the first tour. The promo used in 2014 was a homage to Bonnie and Clyde which was their first single together.

        The promo used for this era is paying homage to an African movie “Touki Bouki,” a 1973 Senegalese film about two lovers who steal money and clothing, then book passage to Paris to start new lives. It’s considered an African cinema classic.

  1. Seems like Jay is using his wife to pay back live nation. I mean he is contractually obligated to tour. Beyonce not so much….

    1. Jay is clearly at the point of his career where he is using Beyonce’s star power to help him. I think she’s at the point where she’s actually a bigger star than him (and it’s been like that for years). However they both use each other to a degree but Jay is using Bey for people to stay interested in his music. The fact that he’s dropping an album doesn’t even grab enough attention unless he mentions Beyonce’s miscarriage & his infidelity.

      Beyonce did the “Becky good hair” thing however the fact that she drops an album will get attention alone. Jay doesn’t have that star power

      Jay is still the breadwinner in the relationship but Beyonce is the bigger celebrity here

  2. I don’t understand why people are so up in arms about these two touring again. They gave them so much grief the first time around (esp after that elevator incident) yet the tour was one of the hottest ticket that year. I went to the OTR tour and it was actually really good. I am not the biggest Jay Z fan but they compliment each other very well. I think people are looking into Lemonade/4:44 too damn much. It’s just an album that obviously did well because people bought into it and now they banking on that.

    If it ain’t the whole “cheating” scandal, it’s the whole concept that Jay is too damn old and Bey needs to sit down. Why though? They both love to perform and touring is where the real money is at. Keep that shit in the family.. Using Beyonce for star power….HA! Didn’t she use him for the same thing back when she went solo?!

    Taylor Swift is going on a stadium tour and nobody is giving her shit for it. Hell Rolling Stone…U2…and all those other older acts are touring and people don’t give them shit for it.

    Half of the people complaining are not even fans of either, can’t afford to go or probably going anyway…

    People just don’t want to see Bey & Jay win for shit. I don’t get it..

    1. You see it’s people speaking without a significant other and I admire the love and unity that they show for each other. You got people wishing bad on him and can’t come up with a real explanation of why they don’t like Jay-Z. The last I checked, none of them are relatives of Beyonce or friends. As, I have said before, I wish them both continued success.

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